Point Reyes Blue Cheese Patty Melt
Makes One Burger

1/3 lb Fresh Ground Beef
3 oz. Point Reyes Blue Cheese
2 oz. sauteed Red Onion (found in our Deli)
2 slices of Grilled Seeded Rye Bread
1.5 oz. Fig Jam
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Oil a flat top griddle and toast each piece of rye bread on one side until lightly golden. Flip the bread and add the Point Reyes Blue Cheese to one of the pieces of bread; melt the cheese then top with sauteed red onions. Add the fig jam to the other piece of bread Remove from heat and set aside.

2. While toasting the rye, season the burger meat with salt & pepper and form into a patty. Cook the burger patty on a grill over medium heat until desired doneness.

3. When fully cooked, add the burger patty to the bottom rye piece on top of the fig jam, then top with the remaining rye piece including the blue cheese.

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