Service: Knowledgeable, Helpful Staff

Each Bristol Farms store maintains a large staff who are always available to offer assistance to customers. At this time, our company’s staff totals approximately 2,200. Employees are hired after exhaustive screening for friendliness, personality and enthusiasm, in addition to specific product and food knowledge.

After hiring, an extensive training period follows to enhance knowledge about the special attributes and uses of Bristol Farms’ products. It also serves to build skills in assisting customers in selecting appropriate products for their needs.

As one Store Director put it, “The worst thing, the capital offense around here, would be to say, ‘That’s not my job; that’s not my department.’ It’s everybody’s store. If something’s wrong, it’s everybody’s problem. So we work very hard to hire friendly, energetic people-people who care about people, and take pride in what they can do for them.”

Bristol Farms considers its employees team members, its most important asset, and a true competitive advantage. According to Adam Caldecott, Chairman/President/CEO, “Because so much of our business depends on serving the customer and on the value and knowledge we provide, the best way we can attract and retain the caliber of people we need is to treat our employees exactly as we would want to be treated on the job.”