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Organic California Hass Avocado Season is Here

posted on March 12th, 2012 by John Savidan

organic california hass avocadosIt is Organic California Hass Avocado Season at Bristol Farms!

The California Hass season will run March through September here at Bristol Farms.  The majority of our avocados this year will come from one local ranch in De Luz, CA – Ranch ACW.

Ranch ACW is located on the Riverside and San Diego County border, next to Camp Pendleton.  Del Rey Avocado Company in Fallbrook, CA will be packaging and marketing the avocados from ACW to Bristol Farms.  This will be the second year in a row Bristol Farms will be featuring organic Hass avocados from this ranch.  Below is a brief history of how Ranch ACW became one of the biggest organic Hass avocados ranches in California.

The planting of ACW started in 1977 at 125 acres of avocados.  Today it has grown to more than 800 acres of various fruits.  The majority of the acreage is made up of several varieties of avocados, with the largest amount of acres being 350 acres of organic Hass avocados.  The other varieties of avocados at ACW are Bacons, Reeds, conventional Hass, Lamb Hass, Etingers, and Zutanos.  Besides being a producing avocado ranch, ACW also has many other programs that help keep the ranch productive.  They have their own nursery that they use to grow their own avocado trees. They have a very large bee apiary on site to help pollinate the trees.  Lastly, they have their own organic manure pits made up of decomposing avocados, lemons, limes and other fruit mixed with dirt and worms. They use the manure throughout the ranch to help cut down costs and their carbon footprint.

ACW is almost totally energy self sufficient because it has nearly 8 acres of solar panels that help produce enough energy to power the ranch.  They are actually one of the largest privately owned solar energy producers in California.  When it comes to irrigation, ACW is not totally self sufficient yet.  They still have to purchase water from the local water district.  However, they do have several producing wells and four large reservoirs and one more in development to help ease the massive water usage it takes to irrigate a ranch of its size.  An acre of avocado trees uses over a million gallons of water per year.

Enjoy locally grown California Hass Avocados from Ranch ACW all season at Bristol Farms!  Come back and tell us about your favorite avocado recipes.

2 comments on “Organic California Hass Avocado Season is Here

  1. Virginia says:

    Thank you.

  2. Virginia says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to know more about your avocados. Do you use any sprays or substances on them? Also, what do you use for fertilizer? I am interested in this information for allergy purposes and would be very grateful to find out about your lovely sounding avocados.

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