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Cook like your life depends on it!

posted on August 18th, 2014 by Silvia Navas

family cookingCooking like your life depends on it is Joshua Rosenthal’s, Founder and Director of the Institute on Integrative Nutrition, main advice to people. As he puts it, “the food we take into our mouth goes into our stomach, where it gets digested and eventually assimilated into the bloodstream. Our blood is what creates our tissues, our organs, our skin, our hair, our brains, and even our thoughts and feelings. We are, at our most basic level, walking food.” It’s pretty powerful to come to understand that every bite we eat will eventually become a part of our body and that it carries with it information about where our health and well being will go.

Sadly, fast paced and busy life styles force people to look for convenience food over nourishing food. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to juggle work, children, household chores, exercise, and cook meals! We seem to forget that beyond nourishing the body with essential nutrients, there are several other advantages to a home cooked meal.

Ingredient control – home cooking gives you complete control over the exact ingredients that go into your food. This is not the case with restaurant or packaged food where sugar, salt, and artificial colors and flavors are often the hidden ingredients. You can choose how much or what ingredients go into your food, or which one you hide, like a ton of veggies in your kids’ spaghetti sauce!

Quality control – You don’t have to make complicated or gourmet meals for them to be delicious and nutritious. By choosing fresh and quality ingredients you would already have a huge head start over convenience food.

Portion control – with super sized meals becoming the “normal” portion sizes at restaurants and fast food places, it’s even more important to take back control of what a healthy portion size is for you and your family. When cooking at home, you can individualize the portion size for each family member; there is no one size fits all in healthy eating.

Cost effective –Considering how much lattes (my own guilty pleasure) and other convenience food items cost compared to what it costs to buy food for the week (like a bag of Quinoa, spring greens, fresh herbs, and chicken breast), you would actually be saving a great deal of money by planning meals ahead and learning to cook once and eat twice!

Loving energy –The reason why there is nothing like a home cooked meal is because aside from the quality of the food itself, it is all the loving and caring energy that goes into making that food that makes home food go beyond tasting good, it feels good. All of your loving, healing, and caring thoughts go into each dish as you toss and mix each ingredient to make a meal that will make your loved ones smile and ask for more.

Family bonding – Including your family members to pitch in prepping the meal is also a great way to strengthen family bonds, show team work, and teach healthy eating habits. It also allows for families to discover what they like and what they can contribute for a family meal.

So start cooking with intention, like your life depends on it and visit us for all of your home cooking needs!

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