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Keep Food Fresh with FreshPaper

posted on June 9th, 2015 by Kim Kaczor-Wardlow

fresh paperWe have all experienced the frustration and disappointment when you discover your fresh food has taken a turn for the worst – you open the refrigerator, find a half-bag of rotten lettuce, and are scrounging for a backup plan for dinner. I have experienced this exact scenario a countless number of times and this is why I was so excited when I discovered this wonderful new product – FreshPaper by Fenugreen.

FreshPaper is an all natural way to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh two to four times longer than normal. Using a secret blend of all natural spices that are integrated into a biodegradable paper, you can simply add this little square piece of paper to your fresh produce bags or bins, in and out of the refrigerator, to keep your produce fresh for a longer period of time. The blend of spices used in FreshPaper inhibits bacteria growth without the use of chemicals or sprays.

The idea for FreshPaper all started when founder, Kavita Shukla, visited her grandmother in India while still in middle school. She accidentally brushed her teeth with tap water, and fearing she would get sick, her grandmother concocted a ‘murky brown spiced tea’ for her to drink—and Shukla never got sick. Back home in Maryland, Shukla discovered that the spices in the tea inhibited bacterial growth. ‘I dipped some strawberries in the mixture,’ she recalls, ‘and they stay fresh for days.’ After much testing, Shukla turned her grandmother’s home remedy into FreshPaper.

Over the next year, Shukla’s partnering with nonprofits in developing countries to ship FreshPaper to some of the roughly 1.2 billion people in the world who lack refrigeration, including small-scale farmers in India and Africa who can’t sell their crop before it spoils.

Have some FreshPaper on hand and save your money from going into the trash. This is a wonderful product that we believe you will love!

fresh paper 2

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