Hatch Chile Tips & Tricks

So what is all the fuss with Hatch chiles about? The New Mexican green chiles are famous for good reason. For one, the season is very short – lasting only 1-2 months, depending on the weather. They also come straight from Hatch Valley, which boasts a unique climate that supports the thriving chile every season. Thanks to the steaming hot days and beautifully cool nights, Hatch chiles are meatier and much more flavorful than any other green chile variety.

In case you haven’t already noticed, we’re head over heels for Hatch. We’ve been loyal to our talented 4th generation Hatch farmer, Duane Gillis for several years.

Thanks to Duane Gillis, our constant research, and lots of experimentation, we’ve become experts in our (Hatch) field over the years (pun intended).

And that’s why we know all the tips and tricks for selecting, cutting, and cooking the ever so popular, Hatch chile.

How to Pick a Hatch Chile:

Our chiles are given ample time to cool down after being picked from the fields. This ensures that they stay fresh and large (rather than cooking in their own residual heat in a burlap bag). Then, they are gently shipped to us in a well-packed box. So you shouldn’t have to worry about any bruised or spoiled crop.

1. If you want to pick only the creme of the crop, look for chiles that are bright green in color, symmetrical in shape, and relatively heavy in your hand.
2. If you’re worried about heat and only like very mild flavor, make sure to pick a mild chile variety. But if you like even a little bit of heat, pick out a medium or hot variety and follow our instructions for cutting below.

How to Cut a Hatch Chile (fresh or whole roasted):

  1. It’s important to filet the chile (cut length-wise) and to set the veins aside (there are 2-4 veins depending on the chile). The veins are what hold all of the heat so you can actually cook with a hot Hatch chile and if you don’t use any of the vein, it will be quite mild.
  2. If you want some heat in your salsa, guacamole, eggs, etc. dice the vein up first and then add slowly, until it has reached your desired heat level. Taste test along the way so you don’t end up with a dish that’s too spicy for your liking.

How to cook a Hatch chile:

Hatch chiles are great fresh – added in salsa, ceviche, scrambled eggs, and more. But we really like them roasted so buy them roasted from us or roast them on your own!

  1. Place a grill pan over medium-high heat. Place the chiles on the pan and turn with tongs as they begin to sizzle, pop, and brown. Do this until all sides are brown and blistered.
  2. Place the chiles one by one into a sturdy plastic bag (like a cleaned and reused cereal bag). Fold the bag over and let the chiles steam.
  3. Once they’ve cooled down, remove from the bag and gently peel off the blistered skin.
  4. Slice or chop and add to grilled cheese, tacos, and so much more!

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