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Anyone who’s picked a homegrown tomato knows how a little soil, sun, and water can amaze! And that’s why we walk the LA Produce Terminal Market everyday, buying directly from farmers who share our passion for the straight-from-the source goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether we’re gathering locally grown avocados or importing exotic tropical fruits, our produce folks are constantly working to make delivery times as fast as possible so our 400 varieties of organic and conventionally grown produce are as fresh as possible. So next time you’re squeezing a melon in our stores, you can feel good knowing you’re the final step in very thoughtful selection process.

We look for the freshest, highest quality organic items that are not only unique and delicious, but offer pristine value. Buying locally grown organic fruits and vegetables offers us the ability to visit farmers and hand select items for our customers. We are proud of our locally grown organic relationships with farmers who value their growing practices and who have strong commitments to sustainability and the local environment. Buying locally grown organic products help support our local economy, giving many smaller family-owned organic farmers and growers consistent support and exposure.

Rather than being picked early to ripen during the truck ride to the distributor’s warehouse, our produce is harvested and delivered to our markets at the height of freshness, ensuring optimal nutritional value and flavor. The average journey from field to fork for most produce is nearly 1,500 miles – almost 27 times further than the average distance that local produce travels.
Those who buy locally grown food can be confident that they are investing in the local economy.
Building relationships with local farms has long-term benefits which allow you to get answers to questions that you may have, increasing traceability, and connecting a face with the food in your carts.

Buying local offers you the confidence in knowing that our local partners are able to leave their products in the fields longer, priding them in producing fruits and vegetables that are at their utmost peak in flavor.

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