SugarFina Candy: Boutique Candy For Adults {And Kids too!}

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a shiny and colorful candy “shop” in at least one of our stores. If you’re familiar with Sugarfina, then you mostly likely stopped short and took a few minutes to peruse the beautiful boutique candy selection.

Sugarfina has become somewhat of a household name these days to candy lovers in Southern California. But aside from the dozen Sugarfina stores, we are one of the very few vendors of the gorgeous gummies and chocolates, which are often filled or infused with champagne, tequila, rum, or dessert liqueurs.

Sugarfina began in 2012 as an online store for high-end adult candy. Then, in 2013, they opened their very first retail store in Beverly Hills, and have since grown to a dozen locations, six of which are in California. The idea for the Sugarfina concept came on the founder’s third date during a screening of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. They asked. “Why should children have all the fun?” They then went on a quest to find the ultimate candy for grownups!

Bristol Farms is a proud retailer of Sugarfina candy. And that’s because these picture-perfect candies (that make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers) are made with only the finest ingredients from all around the world, like Bavaria, Sweden, and more. We just can’t resist the adorable boxed up treats either…because each and every fun and festive flavor is quite honestly, addicting.