Winter Citrus is Here!

Our favorite citrus fruits are officially in stores and we’re feeling pretty excited over the selection of insanely juicy and sweet varieties! From the funny-looking but irresistibly tasty and easy-to-peel Sumo Mandarin to the juicy, tangy, and sweet Texas Grapefruit, to the delectable and gourmet Meyer lemon, our produce department is currently boasting a wide array of the very best local and organic citrus fruit of the season. What makes our selection the best? We work closely with our farmers to stop at nothing to ensure we’re only getting the sweetest and juiciest fruit of the harvest.

Here are a few of our most-loved citrus fruits of the season:

Sumo Mandarins – These giant and juicy mandarins are easy-to-peel and make for a very hearty snack. They’re locally grown in Southern California and have quite the fan following too!

Heirloom Navel Oranges – These beauties are especially large this year and exude an incomparable sweetness!

Texas Grapefruit – Never have you ever had a grapefruit that tastes this good! Of course there’s that true grapefruit bitterness – but it’s quite mild and almost overpowered with an indescribable sugary tang.

Organic Valencia Oranges – This is your match for fresh-squeezed orange juice! Easy to squeeze, these oranges are also packed with fresh from the farm flavor.

Organic Bagged Tangerines – Great for the kids’ lunches, these easy to peel tangerines are also sweet as can be! Try them over a salad with some feta cheese and red onion for a sweet and savory flavor explosion!

Meyer and Pink Lemons – A pick for the chefs and gourmet home cooks out there! These pink lemons are perfect for…you guessed it! Pink Lemonade! Super sweet and tangy, it’s no wonder Pink Lemonade is such a crowd-pleaser. The Meyer lemons are great for seafood dishes, pastas, and salad dressings. The possibilities are endless.