Copper River Salmon is Coming…Stay Tuned!

Keep Checking Back for Updates on when Copper River Salmon is in stores….

We’ve long awaited this rare and prize-winning salmon and it’s almost here! Copper River season officially began and we have already received our first allotment of the delicious, lean, ruby-red salmon with a subtle and mild flavor that you’re sure to love.

So what’s all the hype about? Copper River salmon is very scarce – especially the King variety. This year, the harvest for Copper River King salmon was about a quarter of last year’s harvest. With so few caught, we’re extremely proud to be a distributor of this rare and decadent fish.

Raw piece of salmon on cutting board

The Copper River derives its name from the rich copper deposits found along the riverbank. It was first used by the Alaska native population, and later by settlers of the Russian Empire and the United States. This massive body of water has 13 major tributaries, is a mile wide and runs at 7 miles per hour. Dropping an average of 12 feet per mile and draining 24,000 square miles, it is the 10th largest river in the United States.  It is up this intense river system that salmon must travel 300 miles to reach their spawning grounds, which requires extra storage of omega-3 fatty acids that the Copper River salmon are famously known for, making them some of the most prized salmon in the world.

Copper River King Also known as Chinook or Tyess by Alaska natives, is the largest of the Copper River salmon family weighing up to 50 pounds. Prized for its exceptionally high oil content, succulent texture and rich flavor, this luxury fish literally melts in your mouth.

This is the perfect fish to enjoy for the summer paired with bright flavored salsas, chutneys, and sauces. For more details, go to