Essential Tools for Making Pie

Whenever I think of peach season, I reminisce about a farm we used to visit up in Acton to pick fresh, sweet peaches. Naturally, we would go home with our peaches and have a pie baking celebration. I just love making peach pies this time of year. If you’ve ever made a pie, you know that having the right tools can mean great success or saddened failure for your pie. Luckily, for my fellow peach pie-loving customers, I brought in a whole slew of fantastic pie-making tools from Harold Imports to make pie baking a breeze! These gadgets make the entire process of prepping, baking, serving, and maintaining freshness so much easier and more efficient. Here are a few of our best-loved products for the craft that is pie-making:


Pastry Blender – Mrs. Anderson’s Bakery Pastry Blenders are made of stainless steel, are strong and durable for even heavy dough, and can quickly and easily incorporate butter into your dry ingredients. It’s the right tool to begin your pie-making process.

Pie Crust Shields – Mrs. Anderson’s Bakery Pie Crust Shield insures that your crust stays a golden brown while baking – no more worrying about burnt edges! The larger 9-inch shields are more convenient and less wasteful than disposable coverings, and they reduce spillage while baking and keep it golden brown. We are also offering a 4-piece silicone version that is great for making small adjustments on the pie crust.

Pie Weights – Crucial to the pie-making process, and the secret ingredient to a perfect pie, are pie weights. By using Mrs. Anderson’s Bakery Ceramic Pie Weights, you can avoid a pre-baked pie crust that bubbles up, shrinks, or cracks. They are great for creating a perfect pie crust or tart shell. The pie weights conduct heat evenly, and when placed on the dough, they stop the crust from over expanding or becoming puffed up.

Pie Bird – Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Porcelain Pie Bird provides a vent for steam while you bake your homemade pie. This prevents your pie from deflating or boiling over. Just stick the pie bird in the center and watch as the steam escapes as it bakes.

In addition to the items above, we have all the other essential pie-making tools you’ll need. You can also find great lines of product for canning, jam & jelly making, plus cookbooks and more! Stop by our Kitchens Department to browse the best tools for enjoying perfectly ripe summer fruits. After all, Bristol Farms offers the very best in produce and our rich, juicy, sweet peaches are my favorite. Enjoy your pie making adventures and the best taste of summer!