National Pick Blueberry Day Means FREE Organic Blueberries!

One Day Only: Buy One Pint of Organic Blueberries, Get a Pint FREE!


You’ve probably already noticed that we’re pretty obsessed with summer fruit. Peaches, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, and of course….blueberries!

Since today is National Pick Blueberries Day, we felt it only right that we offer you a special kinda blueberry deal too!


Our delightfully sweet and tangy blues come to us from Homegrown Organic Farms. They were the first to bring California organic blueberries to market. First, their season begins in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley of California. Then it moves north into Oregon as the season progresses. Their southern highbush varieties offer king-size berries too large to believe. California’s dry and sunny climate conditions have proven to grow incredible blueberries that are setting a new standard in flavor and size. And they do it all without any extra chemical “help.”

Homegrown Organic Farms’ blueberries are grown using only certified organic farming methods. So that means no artificial pesticides or fertilizers are used to deteriorate the inherent health benefits. As a result, there is only true organic nutrition in a bite-size snack.

Their farming methods focus on returning rich, organic material back to the soil to sustain and promote proper stewardship of the land they farm.