Charcuterie Challenge – Winner Scores $300

Charcuterie Challenge Rules + Prizes listed below…
(contest runs through October 7, 2018)

In our humble opinion, charcuterie = life. We’re kinda obsessed with a giant board topped with prosciutto, salami, Pâté…and of course, the oh-so-necessary add-on of cheese – sharp, creamy, crumbly, and firm. Add to the charcuterie and cheese some crusty bread or crunchy sea salt crackers and you have the perfect vessel for the meaty and cheesy goodness. If you’re a serious charcuterie connoisseur though, it won’t stop there…

Add something sweet to off set the sharp and salty cured meats and cheeses like Orange Blossom honey, fig jam, or a chunky chutney. And if you’ve got the urge to really impress, go on ahead and top off all of the above with a little something extra like briney olives or buttery marcona almonds.

Oh yes, charcuterie is just about as divine as it gets. And it’s not necessary time consuming either. With some knowledge or friendly help in the cheese/deli department, you can throw together a beautiful and lavish spread in less than 30 minutes. A spread that’s sure to impress a loved one, a few favorite guests for an intimate gathering, or a large hungry crowd.

Because the holiday season is just upon us and because we’re currently in the thick of our “Travel through Taste” program, which highlights many cheese and charcuterie imports from Spain, Scotland, France, and Italy, we’ve decided to throw a Charcuterie Challenge!

In need of some guidance and/or inspo? Check out our How to: Charcuterie Guide here.

Contest Instructions:

  1. Pick 3-8 charcuterie and cheese items (Pick your favorites! Get help with pairings from the experts! Get creative too.)
  2. Grab a few accompaniments like bread, crackers, olives, almonds, honey, fig jam, etc.
  3. Create a beautiful spread using all of your items and take a few well-lit photos (definitely do this during daylight!)
    We suggest stepping away from your creation and taking a photo from a 1-ft. distance to start and then grab a close-up too.
  4. Post the photo(s) to Instagram or email them to us at (no later than 10/7/18)
  5. Tell us what meats, cheeses, etc. you chose and why. If posting to Instagram, tag us @BristolFarms and use the hashtag, #BFforTheLoveofCharcuterie.
  6. 3 winners will be chosen based on presentation and photography. Grand prize winner receives $300 gift card and a feature on our website.  2 runner-up winners receive $150 gift cards. Winners will be DM’d on Instagram or e-mailed.


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