Take a Trip Though Taste: Spain Edition

When world travel is desired and yet an impossible feat, there’s one solution: take a trip through taste. For the next month, we’ll be highlighting food and drink selections from a few countries where we believe cuisine ranks supreme. First on the list: Spain. From authentic Spanish Sangria to incredible cheese and charcuterie items like 1-year aged Mitica Manchego, Jamón Serrano, Ibercio Chorizo, and Orange Blossom Honey for a little something sweet, Spain is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Authentic Spanish Sangria

Perfectly sweet and oh-so easy to sip no matter what time of year, this refreshing Spanish wine cocktail is an easy entertaining staple. Make it in less than 15 minutes and store in the fridge until ready to serve. We must add, we tried numerous recipes before we nailed it. You can score that recipe here.

Imported Spanish Charcuterie, Cheese, and Accompaniments

Just imported from Spain and in stores now – seriously special handcrafted Spanish chorizo – Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota is made with the finest pork meat from free range Ibérico pigs that have been feeding on acorns and natural grass from the Dehesa forest in Andalusia. Learn more about this succulent cured meat here.

Mitica 1 year aged Manchego is delightfully buttery and just a little bit sweet too. Perfect on sliced bageutte or a cracker with some Mitica Orange Blossom Honey, this cheese is known for its beautiful and unique rind design. Learn more about it here.

Our all natural Jamón Serrano can be found in the deli and comes to us directly from Spain. Served thinly sliced, this dry-cured Spanish meat is similar to prosciutto in texture and deliciousness. Enjoy it with Spain’s mild and smooth Drunken Goat cheese on a cracker with Orange Blossom Honey for the ultimate treat.

Drunken Goat cheese is unlike any goat cheese you’ve ever had. This semi soft goat cheese is soaked in the traditional style wine of the region, Doble Pasta, which is made from the Monastrell grape. The cheese is aged for no more than 60-75 days, so that you can still enjoy some of the wine’s flavors and the rind takes on an attractive violet hue. Drunken Goat® is mild and smooth, not goaty, with a touch of fruitiness in the finish.  Forever Cheese was the first importer of the D.O.P Queso de Murcia al Vino and since then has been instrumental in helping to protect the D.O.P in the U.S.

Spanish Wines for Sipping

If you’re looking for a sweet red wine base for Sangria, then look no further than Milenrama, which is currently on sale for $8.99, 750 ml.

Our current favorite red to drink sans the fruit and Brandy? De Andres Sisters Bululu Garnacha, which is bright and light and almost Pinot like. Red fruit one nose and palate are ethereal in their quality, precise and pure and by no means over worked. Lowish tannins with good acidity gives structure and balance.

As for a Spanish white wine, our pick goes to Rey Santa Verdejo. This wine boasts  light notes of tangerine, orange peel, peach and and hints of anise. Round and pleasant mouth feel, with a balanced acidity. Lingering flavors of stone fruit and pineapple combined with notes of lemongrass and aromatic herbs.