Take a Trip Through Taste: France

Perhaps one of our very favorite cuisines, French fare just cannot be beat. With the most incredible array of creamy, sharp, buttery, and earthy cheeses; the most exquisite robust, sweet, and bubbly wine (and Champagne); delightful cured ham, the best breads, flaky and decadent pastries, and so, so much more, the country offers more deliciousness than we could even begin to put into words. This week, we’ll be celebrating France with just a few of our most-loved items too. From Bayonne de Jambon to Croque Monsiers to Beillevaire Comte, we’ll have in-store tastings all week long plus special pricing on some select French items too.

Croque Monsieur

This sandwich is the French version of the American grilled cheese but with French ham. And dare we say, it’s way better? Creamy and melty Gruyere cheese paired with the salty ham, sandwiched in perfectly buttery grilled bread – it’s heaven. You can find these delicious beauties in our deli case most days too!
Try our version in stores on September 21 from 10am to 2pm

Bayonne de Jambon

This salty cured ham comes to us from the southwest of France and is very similar to prosciutto. Delicious on a charcuterie board with French Brie or Camembert, this ham is also nicely paired with a little something sweet like preserves or honey.
Try it in stores on September 22 from 3pm to 7pm.

Chartreuse Bichonne

This buttery, tangy, nutty, and ever-so-slightly stinky soft French cheese is about as authentic France as you’re going to find. It’s a great selection for cheese lovers who want to try the stinky varieties but are still a little apprehensive.
Give it a try in stores on September 22 from 10am to 2pm

Even More French Imports to Tickle Your Fancy…

In addition to those very special French samples we’ll be offering customers, we’re also featuring several French imported items this week at special pricing, like Beillevaire Comte 24 month ($18.99 lb), Bonne Maman preserves and jams ($3.99), and some of our best-loved and often hard-to-find French wines like Chateau Moncontour Vouvray ($14.99), Chateau Hyot Cotes De Bordeaux ($13.99), and Lullaby Ventoux Rouge ($11.99)


  1. Sally Tyler says:

    Great ads today! We read them regularly and use the specials and coupon often.

  2. Jornae R says:

    My family loves Bristol Farms. We greatly appreciate you doing your best to supply “Ethically Raised Animals” when possible. May I ask if the chicken you supply is from Mary’s Farm? I have heard that they use carbon dioxide gas to gently render the birds unconscious before” before they are—slaughtered. Thank you for the quality of products you carry. And might I add that your store manager Robert is the best of the best.

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