For the Love of Charcuterie Contest: Winners

If you follow Bristol Farms on Instagram or if you receive Bristol Farms emails, then you probably know that we ran a pretty epic charcuterie contest last month that recently ended a few weeks ago. We asked you to create your most picture-worthy cheese and charcuterie spread, using your favorite combo of soft and hard cheese, salt cured Italian, French, and Spanish meats, and of course some pretty little extras like jams, olives, nuts, fruit, and more…

You guys really came through on this one. With over 100 #FortheLoveofCharcuterie submissions via Instagram or submitted directly to our email, you killed it. You photos were beautiful and your creations were quite honestly, impressive.

Narrowing down only 3 winners was quite the task….took much debate and even tugged at our heart strings a little since there were just so many prize-worthy submissions.

Here are our Top 3 Winners:

Grand Winner: Yassie @dishdetective

We chose Yassie’s charcuterie as our grand prize winner because both her photo and presentation were equally captivating and unique. But most importantly, she actually went over and beyond and handmade jam and rosemary tomato confit. We also just LOVED the amount of thought she put into the pairings and can only imagine just how wonderful it all tasted together. Congratulations Yassie!

Here’s her #FortheloveofCharcuterie description

-Ricotta nest with honey – my favorite cheese for toast
-Homemade jam – an alternative ricotta pair
-Grapes – for a sweet crunch
-Mild blue – training for stinkier cheeses
-Walnuts – vessel for the blue
-Honey – to drizzle over the blue + walnut stack
-Cheddar – less threatening and very colorful
-Jamon – to sandwich with cheddar
-Homemade rosemary tomato confit and mozzarella balls – because the smells from the oven are life changing
-Salami – for a kick of spice and pepper
-Olives – I live for casteveltrano
-Sourdough bread sticks and rosemary raisin pecan crackers


Runner-up: Becka’s Birthday Charcuterie Spread

We chose Becka’s charcuterie spread as a runner-up because we absolutely loved her colorful board which included an interesting combination of cheese like cheese curds, double cream Brie, and a Spanish Drunken Goat.


Runner-up: Mary @thedimpledcheese’s ultimate cheese and charcuterie party board

We just love Mary’s creations, which she regularly posts to her Instagram. Mary entered the contest several times, each time with a prize-worthy spread. But there was something about this one that really had us salivating…