All Hallow’s Eve Checklist

Can you believe Halloween is just one week away? October has already come and {almost} gone.

What do your Halloween plans entail? For many of us, the actual night, which falls on a not-so-fun Wednesday this year, will consist of trick-or-treating with our little ones all dressed up in costumes of their choosing. An evening with way too much candy and possible battles to relinquish said candy, it’s just one of those holidays the kids can’t resist.

We have bags upon bags of candy just waiting for you too. Because unless you want to turn off your lights…and maybe the doorbell ringer too, the kids will be a-coming for their treats.

And while candy is a Halloween must, there are tons of other fun items to consider too. Full Disclosure: We do not have your scary and elaborate haunted decor or your costumes.

But we do have loads of candy, Autumn ciders and beer, party ware, decor,  and of course, every kind of pumpkin you could ever want.

Here’s Your Halloween Checklist:

  1. Candy: From all the name-brand chocolates and gummy candy you know and love to the artisan varieties too, we have tons of candy bags just waiting for you to scoop!
  2. Pumpkins for Carving: Traditional carving pumpkins…we have a plenty! We also have picture-perfect  fairy tale pumpkins for your front door stoop, foyer, or dining room table. Oh, and pumpkin pie pumpkins for scratch-made desserts? We have those too!

3. Partyware and Decor by Meri Meri: If you’re planning on hosting a “tame” kind of Halloween dinner party or you just want to find some fun and unique Halloween inspired items for your home decorating needs, we have Meri Meri’s delightfully cute Halloween party ware and decor to get you in the spirit!


4. Seasonal Beer: Because if you’re planning on handing out candy all night to the countless kiddos, you’ll probably want an Autumn inspired cider or beer in hand for sipping..

5. Bakery Treats: Want to make Halloween a little extra sweet? How about cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies, all decked out in Halloween