New Line of Luxury Candles at Bristol Farms

We’re so excited to announce our newest addition of lux, all-natural, coconut wax candles to your local Bristol Farms’ housewares department.

These Eco-friendly and innovative handcrafted candles are made locally in Southern California with the goal of keeping our environment aromatic while also clean and healthy. They are made with food-grade-certified coconut oil which ensures an extremely clean burn without ever collecting soot.

The artisan candle line includes both a botanical and perfume collection, offering distinguished scents perfect for every kind of candle lover.

Delight your scenes and express your style in your home or give one of the beautifully packaged candles as a gift to a special someone in your life. Choose from heavenly scents like Juniper, Lemongrass, Rosemary,  Gardenia, and many more.

One comment on “New Line of Luxury Candles at Bristol Farms

  1. Janis Avila says:


    I just moved from San Diego to San Mateo and would love to order your soy coconut candle in the Santal fragrance. It’s my favorite scent and candle and I’ve tried many! Is it possible to order?


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