Fall in Love With Our Poke…

Our Hawaiian-style poke is fresh, authentic, and oh, so flavorful. Prepared fresh multiple times every day, we take a lot of pride in our beloved poke. Because it’s really, really good. And also because, the melt-in-your-mouth tuna and salmon are responsibly sourced. It’s quality you can actually taste – many of our shoppers argue it’s better than most poke they’ve had at poke restaurants too!

Featuring Aloha Poke, Spicy Tuna Poke, and Salmon poke, our self-service poke bar is complete with all the toppings to make it your own. With brown and white sticky sushi rice, seaweed salad, kimchee, mango, avocado, onion, jalapeno, green onion, and more* you can build the poke bowl of your dreams.

Take it home and make it pretty for a special lunch “treat” or grab just enough for a quick and healthy snack on-the-go. No matter how you eat it, we’re quite certain, you’re going to love every single bite of it.

Do you love our poke? How do you build your bowl?

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  1. Brigitte Bergman says:


    I need to know if Bristol Farms Poke Raw Tuna
    made of wild Tuna?

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