Let’s Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day – an unofficial holiday that in our opinion, is equally as fun and lighthearted as its predecessor. Created by the fictional television character, Leslie Knope of NBC’s sitcom, Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is all about “ladies celebrating ladies.”And for our favorite food blogger, Corey, aka, Miss Foodie Problems, it’s all about gathering together with her favorite girlfriends and sharing cocktails, delicious treats, and a good time.

For Miss Foodie Problems’ official Galentine’s Day post, where she plays ode to the holiday and also to amazing local spirits sold at Bristol Farms, click here! You can also check out Miss Foodie Problems’ beautiful and mouth-watering Instagram page here.

Galentine’s Day Cocktails
Many of us at Bristol Farms can get down with Leslie Knope and Corey’s notion on the day, which “technically” falls on Febrruary 13th…though we think a Saturday or Sunday are just better suited for this all-to-fun ladies celebrating ladies holiday. And we’re also all about the Galentine’s Day cocktail party concept..think of it like a pot luck but with spirits, fresh fruit, herbs, sparkling water, and fun bar ware!

And talk about one beautifully excecuted Galentine’s Day cocktail party…Miss Foodie Problems’ and Emilee, of Tasteful Tatters threw quite the shindig, complete with all the bells and whistles. Check out what spirits they used below and click on the links for their recipes.

Galentine’s Day Cocktail Party inspiration, a la Miss Foodie Problems + Tasteful Tatters:

  • A Not So Plain Jane Gin + Tonic (get the recipe here) made with tonic, lime, triple sec, açai powder, and Gray Whale Gin, a super clean and smooth SoCal gin that’s distilled from botanicals foraged along the migratory path of the California Gray Whale.
  • Miss Foodie Spritz (get the recipe here!) made honey, mint, mango, lime, coconut water, dried hibiscus flowers, and  Downtown LA’s own Loft + Bear Vodka.
  • 500 Days of Winter Daisy (get the recipe here!) using strawberries, honey, lime, rosemary, triple sec, and Tequila Ocho.
    *Note: Tequila Ocho is a staff favorite Tequila that comes to us from the Camarena family in Mexico and is produced exclusively from agave from their own fields, a fact that few other producers can claim. Because the production is small-batch and carefully done, the heart and passion of the Camarenas’ Mexican soul is in each drop of their tequila. The family have only ever made 100% agave tequila.

Sweets + Treats For Sharing
Because no party is complete without some sweet treats! Bring on the semi-homemade baked goods with the help of some female bakers and their convenient and organic baking mixes. Both Foodstirs and Miss Jones Baking Co. are available at all of our stores and their cookie, cake, and brownie mixes can be customized if you want to get a little fancy!

But if you’re pressed for time…or if you’re just all about Bristol Farms’ bakery items (we can’t blame you there), then swing by any one of our stores for a spread of adorable and luscious mini cheesecakes, flourless cakes, festive cake pops, and of course, The Cookie, too!

Happy Galentine’s Day ladies! Tell us how you plan to celebrate below!

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