9 Ways You Can Celebrate International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day and in order to celebrate and recognize all of the strong women in our lives, we have some empowering ideas on how to Own Your Day! Whether it’s a private accomplishment like tackling a complicated recipe or a public way to express yourself like starting a blog, we hope you’ll continue to support and applaud the wonderful women you know, including yourself!

Photo courtesy, Miss Foodie Problems. Shot by Joe + Kathrina.

Try a New Workout

Exercise is proven to not only empower your body but also your mind. Relieve stress and go outside of your comfort zone with a new workout routine or an exciting class at the gym. Not only will you feel great afterward, but you might also make new friends with the same fitness goals!


Start a Blog

Self-expression can come in many forms, but one of the best ways to look back at your personal or professional accomplishments and growth is through a blog or vlog. Write or record your thoughts and opinions or help others with topics that you feel passionate about. Love to cook and DIY? Share your tips! Do you always get compliments on your outfits and accessories? Snap pictures of your outfits and where you got the best steals!


Tackle a Difficult Recipe

Nourish your body and make a complicated recipe come to life. Employ the help of a friend and create a delicious meal from scratch, whether it’s homemade pasta, a chocolate souffle, or both! With time, practice will help you perfect even the most daunting dinners.


Volunteer at a Local Charity

Lend a helping hand to your community by spending time with those in need. Visit an animal shelter to walk some pups around the block, serve hot meals at a local soup kitchen, or even donate clothes and toys to women and children who are less fortunate.


Learn a New Skill

Add something new to your repertoire by signing up for local classes. Learn how to play an instrument, take stunning pictures, or become a pro in the kitchen!


Set Spring Goals

New season, new you? It’s never too late to take accountability for your nutrition and fitness goals, and there are so many apps out there that can get you started just in time for Spring. Track your meals and exercise online and start with small steps such as taking a walk in the fresh air.


Throw a Party

Have a festive and food-filled celebration with your closest girlfriends, coworkers, and family members, no men allowed! Give small goodie bags as a token of your appreciation for the inspiring women in your life.


Start a Book or TV Series

Begin reading a new book by a female author or watching a captivating television series created by women writers. You might just get hooked!


Shop Small (and Shop Female!)

Contribute to small, female-owned businesses with a quick shopping trip to a cute boutique or stand at the farmer’s market. We also carry tons of products created by women, including Foodstirs baking mixes, Coolhaus and Jeni’s ice cream, and Lori’s Lemonade!