Exclusive Ramen Bar at Our New Yorba Linda Store

Slurp up! We’re getting in on the Ramen noodle trend at our new Yorba Linda store opening April 13th. Not only because fancy Ramen is deservingly trendy in the U.S. these days…with California and New York taking credit for most of the earlier action, but also because it is just so darn delicious. And soothing to the soul. And quite photogenic too!

Did you know that Ramen is not originally from Japan? You read correctly – Ramen noodles actually came from China but were introduced to Japan in the 19th century…and well, the rest is history. A worldwide culture craze, if you’ve indulged in a really good bowl of Ramen noodles (no, we’re not talking about the 30¢ store bought packages), then you definitely understand what the fuss is all about. If you haven’t tried Ramen yet, then we urge you to take a trip to Los Angeles’ Little Osaka, on Sawtelle Blvd, where you can get one of the best bowls of your life.

And if you’re willing to wait until April 13th and live close or are willing to venture to our new Yorba Linda store, then come visit us for a bowl. This Ramen bar will feature a huge selection of the finest and freshest ingredients so you can build your own tantalizing bowl that’s perfectly tailored to your taste buds. Mix it up every trip for endless flavor sensations.