Flower Power: Beautify Your Life With Spring Florals

Sure, they say April showers bring May flowers, but here in SoCal, we’re always ahead of the trends! Our stores are already blooming with gorgeous varieties of springtime florals. Nothing brightens your home quite like a cheerful arrangement in a vase, and nothing conveys affection for a loved one like a thoughtfully selected bouquet. Pick your fragrant favorites below to celebrate spring — and all the special people in your life!

Lovely Lilies

It’s no surprise that everybody loves lilies. These glorious flowers with long, fragrant petals add a touch of drama and elegance to every occasion, with trumpet-shaped blooms that practically herald the return of spring! Lilies are also popular because they come in a variety of bright colors and can last a long time in cut arrangements.


Limited-Time Lilacs

Lilacs bloom in many hues (purple, pink, and white, among others) and delight the senses with their intoxicating fragrance. No wonder the Celtics considered lilacs “magical.” You will too! Keep an eye out for these beauties — they’ll be arriving in our stores in 2 weeks, but only for a limited time before they disappear. Poof!


Italian Peonies

Peonies add color and extravagance to any bouquet with their lush layers of textured petals. Ranging in color from snowy white to pastel pink to deep red, peonies symbolize such ideas and values as honor, beauty, romance, and wealth. Talk about versatility! But you can choose them for just being bellissimo!


Dutch Tulips

Though native to central Asia, tulips didn’t really bloom in popularity until they reached the Netherlands. And now these beloved perennials, which are actually part of the lily family, have reached our stores with all the vibrant color and spectacular beauty we expect and adore.


Dutch Daffodils

Representing rebirth and new beginnings, daffodils are perhaps the springiest of spring florals, with their sunny-yellow petals, trumpet-like structure, and bright-green stems. These joyful flowers are sure to inspire smiles and warm fuzzies, so gather a bouquet and have a happy spring!

A Very SoCal Summer with Bristol Farms

It’s easily our favorite season in Southern California. Lasting through most of October, our extended summer means sunshine and perfectly warm air with ample time for backyard BBQs, beach gatherings, outdoor birthday parties, and of course, anywhere picnics. And what makes these sunny shindigs just so awesome? Beloved friends and family…and only the most fantastic food and drinks, too.

Read our Summer magazine here!

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  1. Jacki Shepherd says:

    Can you prepare 3 large, full green pitchers (as shown on your website) with pink peonies to go down the middle of a long, dining room table. I would pick them up on Saturday, April 19th, between 2-3 PM. Please confirm you can do this. Thank you. Jacki Shepherd

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