Here’s Your Easter + Passover Checklist

Spring has sprung and with it comes two holidays that mean celebrations with family and friends. Let us help you get your home ready for company this year with picture-perfect florals like tulips and lilies as well as festive decor.

Also, forget the time and effort spent cooking over the stove and enjoy more quality time with the people who matter most. From catered brunch and dinner to special desserts from our bakery, we have you covered with all of the Easter and Passover essentials.

Here’s our checklist for everything Easter and Passover:

1. Beef Brisket or Lamb from Our Butcher

Don’t forget the main course for your  holiday feast! We have succulent choice natural flat-cut beef brisket available now from our butcher for your most delicious Passover dinner yet! And for Easter, we have you covered with stuffed leg of lamb and uncured spiral-sliced hams from both our butcher and our deli (this one comes with a honey glaze) too.

2. Fully Catered Brunch and Dinner

If you’re really wanting to sit back and relax with family and friends this year, then look no further. Our catering department is here to ensure you have the most amazing Easter or Passover meal without the fuss in the kitchen. Choose from brunch, lamb, ham, and turkey dinners as well as a dedicated beef brisket Passover meal. View these holiday menus and place your order today!

3. Flowers For the Table

We have a gorgeous selection of fresh-cut Spring flowers that will adorn your dinner table oh-so delightfully. Tulips and lilies are our personal favorites but there are so many more colorful, fragrant, and fun flowers to choose from. And if you can’t decide, let one of our floral experts make a special arrangement for you!

4. Decor, Serve ware, and More

Don’t forget the porcelain platters for all of your food. We have spring exclusive serve ware in stores now  – like cake and pie platters and the most adorable deviled egg platter from Mud Pie too! On top of that, there are also colorful and classy disposable plates and napkins for a more casual holiday affair.

5. Desserts from Our Bakery

Because every perfect holiday meal must have the perfect ending. So head on over to our bakery where you’ll find heavenly treats fit for a crowd like lemon meringue pie, lemon cupcakes, and Spring decorative cake pops too!

6. Gifts for the Little Ones

That’s right – we have everything you need for a fully loaded Easter basket for the kids too! From plush stuffed bunnies to finger puppets to hair clips to candy galore, we have all of the Easter basket essentials thanks to vendors like Meri Meri, Mary Meyer, and Godiva Chocolates.