Your Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Memorial Day

Memorial Day may be considered the unofficial start of summer, but here at Bristol Farms, we’re officially stoked about the season of sunny fun and yummy food. We’re fired up about firing up the grill, wild about eating wild-caught salmon, tickled pink about sipping rosés, and so much more! We’re also super excited to help you plan the perfect Memorial Day celebration with the tastiest summertime fare. Let’s get this holiday happening!


Nothing says “summer cookouts” quite like burgers on the grill! Make this BBQ staple extra special when you use our grass-fed Wagyu beef — for superior flavor and texture. Then top your top-tier patties with delicious sliced cheeses from our deli and smoky bacon from our meat department. Mm… Your mouth watering yet? A bacon cheeseburger that’s this gourmet deserves an equally awesome bun, so you’ll want to select our Private Label Brioche Buns for unbeatable buttery goodness.


Delight your guests with juicy, flavorful tri-tip! This USDA Choice cut of beef is part steak, part roast, and totally delicious, with just the right amount of marbling for optimum tenderness. Our Big Time Tri-Tip is pre-seasoned for 24 hours in Big Time marinade, which makes the meat more succulent and savory. Plus, this showstopper is ready in less than an hour!


Why serve our organic Italian sausages at your shindig? Because we make them with the highest-quality ingredients and never any artificial flavors or preservatives. Sandwich these well-seasoned sausages in our brioche hotdog buns and top with a medley of grilled onions and peppers. Hot diggity dogs!

This Memorial Day, try adding grilled fruit to your BBQ menu! Peaches, pineapple, watermelon, and bananas all make luscious contenders. Just cut the fruit into large slices — or cube and thread onto skewers. Grill over medium-high heat for 2–3 minutes on each side, until the fruit softens and char marks appear. The result is a sweet-savory combo that can’t be beat!

This Alaskan salmon deserves the crown! Highly coveted by anyone who has ever enjoyed this decadent, deep-red fish, the Copper River King is famous for its giant size, incredible taste, and melt-in-your mouth texture. This salmon has a very short season and can be difficult to find, so come get this one soon — swim upstream if you have to!


Please all the cheese lovers in your life by tossing some grilling cheese onto the fire. These all-natural cheeses are designed to withstand intense heat without melting into a mess all over your grill. Instead, they get tantalizingly soft, slightly gooey, and amazingly delicious!



Raise a glass and toast the start of summer! Shop our huge selection of premium beers, from local varieties to hard-to-find imports. These brews pair perfectly with burgers, so you’ll want to stock up for your cookout. And for the oenophiles (aka wine connoisseurs) in your life, grab several bottles of that pink and pretty, palate-pleasing sipper — rosé, which complements all kinds of summery dishes, including grilled seafood and poultry.


The sweetest way to finish your Memorial Day meal? A generous slice of seasonal fruit pie, of course! Visit our bakery for a delectable selection of these freshly baked pastries, each with a flaky, golden-brown crust and to-die-for, tangy fruit filling, including blueberry, peach, cherry, and strawberry. You’ll think you’ve pie’d and gone to heaven!


Relax and indulge with us this holiday season. Check out our 2019 Holiday Book for effortless entertaining and more!

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