Get into the Pumpkin Spirit at Bristol Farms

Because October marks the season of all things pumpkin and because we boast loads of pumpkin sweets, treats, and everything between, we felt it necessary to give you a few of our pumpkin favorites. From frothy morning brews to classic desserts to sips for the weekend, we’ve got everything you need to get into the pumpkin spirit now!

01 Indulge in a Classic

We’ve got to pay a special ode to the classic autumn dessert that’s got sweet and spice and everything nice! Our pumpkin pie boasts a deliciously buttery and flaky crust and a pumpkin filling that’s smooth and perfectly sweet. Available in both traditional and vegan varieties in single slices, half pies, and full pies.

02 Warm Your Bones with our Pumpkin Latte

Warm your bones with this seasonal, limited edition, creamy, and sweet latte made with pumpkin, cinnamon, condensed milk, and caramel. Available in 3 sizes.

12 oz – $4.65

03 Treat Your Sweet Tooth (Again)

Made from scratch using organic flour, organic sugar, and cage free eggs, our pumpkin muffin is incredibly moist and perfectly sweet with an irresistible pumpkin and spice bite. 5 oz muffin – $3

Baked pumpkin muffins.
Baked pumpkin muffins.

04 Adorn Your Home

Grown in San Diego, the colorful and festive pumpkin tree is actually a member of Solanum family, just like potatoes and eggplants! Place them in mason jars or use them to adorn your mantle for the ultimate fall flair.

Group of pumpkin beer.
Group of pumpkin beer.

05 Sip on Seasonal Suds

We’re stocked full of seasonal suds like Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale, a full-bodied brown ale hinted with pumpkin and brown sugar, Elysian’s Night Owl, a spice-forward pumpkin pale ale, and Stone’s Enjoy by 10.31.19, an intense Double IPA.