Bristol Farm’s Own Brining Blend

When it comes time to start gobbling, a perfectly brined bird is the word. Thankfully, our very own blend of aromatic salt, herbs and spices does half of the work for you… one less thing to worry about once your kitchen is covered in all the Thanksgiving fixings!

Turkey is generally the most daunting part of the Thanksgiving feast but a simple brine will ensure that the most flavorful and juicy turkey you’ve ever served.

Bristol Farm's Brining Blend on a wood cutting board.
Bristol Farm's Brining Blend on a wood cutting board.

To start, select a fresh, free-range, non-GMO turkey from Bristol Farms’ meat department as well as the brining blend. Then, night before Thanksgiving, dissolve one cup of brine into one gallon of boiling water or stock. Boil until brining blend has dissolved. Let cool completely. Then, place your bird in a large stock pot, bucket, or bag and pour brining blend over top, completely submerging the turkey. Refrigerate overnight and your turkey work is nearly done!

Then on Thanksgiving Day, simply remove your turkey from the brine, rinse well with water, and pat dry. Now you’re free to season and butter or oil your turkey and roast until golden.

Brining works by amplifying the moisture in meat, especially lean varieties such as turkey. By increasing the juiciness from the start, your prized possession is protected from the harsh cooking process. Yes, brining may seem like just another thing to add to your Thanksgiving to-do’s, but the experts say this technique saves the star of your dinner table from being tough and dry. Who doesn’t want that?


  1. George Martinez says:

    Authentic, delicious, and irresistible!

    Bristol Farms will bring you an amazing Thanksgiving celebration to remember for years to come.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Can you brine for 24 hours ~ if you over brine the turkey

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