Elevate your Holiday Dinner with USDA Rated Prime Rib Roast

You could try to snag a reservation at a fancy restaurant for some top quality prime rib this holiday season, or you could impress your guests with the best of the best from our meat department. A rare find outside of fine steakhouses, our Prime Rib Roast is actually USDA Prime-rated for the highest marbling content and the most exquisite eating experience. It’s also humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free, and also comes dry-aged. The process is extremely meticulous, but it results in an incomparably tender and juicy bite of beef.

A large prime rib cooked rare on a sheet of butchers paper on a cutting board. all around the prime rib sits roasted garlic and a large knife for carving.
Bristol Farms USDA prime rib roast.

Not all prime rib can be treated equally. That’s because not all prime rib is actually USDA prime rated. While most prime rib roasts you’ll see in stores have USDA Select or Choice ratings, we are very proud to carry roasts with the coveted Prime rating, which falls within the top 2% of all USDA graded beef. All of our meat comes to us from revered ranchers who we’ve worked with for years, including Cedar River Farms. Their cattle is fed a 100% vegetarian diet and their natural beef starts with a controlled process that yields the most exceptional results across the board.

To treat your loved ones to a truly special experience for the holidays, we suggest reserving a roasted or uncooked prime rib roast by pre-ordering now through December 22nd using our online pre-ordering pages here: bristolfarms.com/holiday/december. For a full feast, our USDA Prime Rib Roast  pairs beautifully with many of our prepared sides like potatoes au gratin, brussels sprouts au gratin, and steamed asparagus.

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