Wine for the Weekend: Row Eleven The Magician California Red Blend

Ripe black cherries mingle with traditional dark red fruits, smoky oak, and exquisite spices. This wine is complex with flavors that linger, and yet it is crisp, surprisingly fresh, and easy to drink. Enjoy it now but it will taste great for many months to come. An eclectic blend of Cabernet Dorsa, Dunkelfelder, Petite Sirah, Shiraz and Petite Verdot.

The Birth of The Magician – The National Sales Manager challenged Row Eleven winemaker, “Do you really think you can make a sophisticated red wine, as good as the top red wines in California, and make it for less than $15 per bottle? If you can do that, you really would be a magician.” – “Not only can I do it,” the winemaker answered, “I’ll even paint you the label.”…which he did.

Bottle of Joseph Carr Revelist Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

2014 Row Eleven The Magician California Red Blend

Suggested Retail $14.99 2 for $15