St. Paddy’s Day Recipes:
A Spin on the Classics

Definitely feeling the luck of the Irish with this collection of St. Patrick’s Day recipes! Most of them are a modern spin on a classic – Erin go Bragh!

01 Corned Beef & Cabbage Tacos

Dublin meets L.A. with these Corned Beef and Cabbage Tacos from Chris Cockren. Throw our corned beef and two bottles of Guinness in your slow cooker in the morning and you’ll be ready to celebrate by evening!

Corned beef & cabbage tacos made with and served with Guinness beer.

Irish Colcannon Mac & Cheese in  oven crocks garnished with green onions.

02 Irish Colcannon Mac & Cheese

We’re big fans of Jonathan Melendez and huge fans of his Irish Colcannon Mac and Cheese recipe!

03 Soda Bread Grilled Cheese

Whether you make your own soda bread or pick up ours, this grilled cheese and pesto sandwich is sure to be a favorite well past St Patrick’s Day!

Grilled cheese made with soda bread from bristol Farms bakery. Inside the sandwich is pesto and some irish cheddar.
Traditional bangers and mash with a Guinness gravy served on a wood plank and garnished with thyme.

04 Bangers & Mash

Does it get any better than savory bangers and mash on St. Paddy’s Day? Somehow, it does, thanks to Brandy O’Neill’s recipe for bangers and mash with Guinness gravy. Sláinte!

05 Vegetarian Cottage Pie

Healthy, hearty and…vegetarian! Check out this Cottage Pie recipe packed with lentils and mushrooms from Traci York.

Cottage Pie made with lentils and mushrooms instead of the traditional ground beef.
Irish beer cheese soup served in bread bowls from the Bristol Farms Bakery garnished with crispy bacon from our butcher and fresh green onions.

06 Irish Beer Cheese Soup

Everyone’s eyes will be smiling when they set their sights on this Irish beer cheese soup! Sommer Collier’s recipe can be made with traditional Dubliner or any nutty cheese of your choice.