Meet the Founder: Lynne Weaver of Three Weavers Brewing Company

Lynne Weaver started out as a real estate tax expert who created delicious craft beers in her spare time at home. Then in 2014, she combined her financial, brewing, and entrepreneurial expertise to launch Three Weavers in Inglewood with brewmaster Alexandra Nowell.

As the founder and CEO of Three Weavers, Lynne leads the charge on everything from operations to sales. She’s also a devoted mother of three; but somehow, she juggles everything and makes it all look so easy.

Recently, we caught up with Lynne to learn more about her journey and what’s next for Three Weavers.

Three Weavers Brewing Company
Three Weavers Brewing Company

01 Why did you start Three Weavers Brewing Company?

Three Weavers is named after my three daughters. I wanted to create a community around incredible craft beer and food, all while actively role modeling for my girls. What better way to blend my two passions of family and brewing than starting a brewery?

02 What obstacles did you face along the way?

As two women in the beer industry, folks underestimated what Alexandra and I were striving for. We weren’t always taken seriously.

03 What lessons do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Alexandra and I have always had big picture ideas along with big hairy audacious goals. Some ideas worked, some did not, but the most important take away was that we always tried. Regardless of outside opinion, we always tried and did the best we could.

Success is not linear from the conception of an idea. It’s actually a diverted path of failures and obstacles that lead to success. Learning how to manage and tackle failures and obstacles is what makes an entrepreneur successful. That, and the ability to recognize opportunities worth pursuing versus the ones that are not worthwhile.

04 What’s on the horizon for Three Weavers?

We have a ton of innovation in the pipeline. Alexandra and her brewing crew are constantly pushing the envelope with their recipes. Keep an eye out for new brands hitting the shelves this spring and summer!

Three Weavers Brewing Company
Three Weavers Brewing Company

05 How do you keep work/life balance? What drives/inspires you?

Balance is a perceived notion from an observer’s perspective. I often say that I’m like a spinning top, and I think most working moms can relate. From an observer’s perspective, the top is perfectly balanced. But, in reality, it’s spinning so fast that the wobbles go unnoticed.

The wobbles that remind us that we are only human and it’s okay to be a little out of balance. I find inspiration from my children and I love to create and build. The combination of the two fuels my entrepreneurial drive.


  1. William C. Moke says:

    How do I contact Mrs. Weaver? I have a lawyer/business affairs b.g. but yearn to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors. She is very inspiring with try, do the best you can mentality as her and team have delivered amazing product time and time again.

    1. Michelle Prather says:

      We are so glad that this post left you feeling inspired, William. We will forward this to Three Weavers so that they can contact you directly.

  2. Marie says:

    Congratulations from Culver City resident. I will purchase a few cases today

    1. Michelle Prather says:

      Thanks, Marie! We carry a wide variety of Three Weavers brews for you to choose from! Click here to find your closest store.

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