Meet the Founder: Alyson Sullivan of Sullivan Farms Mustard

Find your passion, that’s what they say. For most of us, that passion might not be mustard, but that’s exactly where founder Alyson Sullivan found her jam. With its incredible flavor, Alyson takes this beloved condiment to the next level.

Sullivan Farms Mustard founder, Alyson Sullivan

01 Why did you start Sullivan Farms Mustard?

I have always loved cooking for friends and family. Bringing everyone together at a table to celebrate life and making memories. My mustard was always a staple on the table and was the one thing after every holiday and get-together that I was asked to make year round. Friends and family would ask for a jar or multiple jars, so often that they began to encourage me to turn it into a business – they believed others would love it as much as they did!

Seven years later, I am so very blessed to be a staple in so many households, making thousands of people happy, just like I was able to do for those closest to me!

02 What obstacles did you face along the way?

Because my background was in fitness and the entertainment industry, I had no clue how to go about creating a commercial food product. There is no instruction manual on how to get a jarred condiment legally and safely into the hands of consumers. I think that was the hardest part – not knowing where to start and what to tackle first. There was a lot of trial and error and more than a few tears shed!

I’ve been so very lucky to have so much encouragement from my loved ones to keep me going! Without them, I would definitely not be where I am today.

03 What lessons do you have for other entrepreneurs?

You must really believe in your product. You must love making it, promoting it, and be ready, willing and able to wake up every day with the desire to make others feel the same way!

When entrepreneurs ask me for advice, I always tell them what my father Richard always told me: persistence and determination are omnipotent. Without them, you just have a dream!

Sullivan Farms Mustard founder, Alyson Sullivan

04 What’s on the horizon for Sullivan Farms?

I have so many more flavors I want to add to our current lineup of Original, Smoke, and Amber Ale Sweet & Spicy mustard! I also have some other condiments, including one inspired by my in-laws in Ireland, which I think will really be a hit! I’m also working on a very spicy mustard with a hint of sweet to make those heat-seekers happy!

05 How do you keep work/life balance? What drives/inspires you?

That’s assuming I have a work/life balance! Truthfully, since I was blessed by Bristol Farms carrying my mustard, I work most days. I have found more joy and getting to know their huge-hearted staff than I’ve experienced in a very long time!

I don’t look at it as work though. I get to spend time with these wonderful people in a beautiful environment filled with so many yummy goodies and, alongside them, I get to put smiles on so many faces each and every day!

As it goes with everything in life, it’s all about your chosen perspective. I choose to look at it as an adventure I have embarked on with the Bristol Farms family. Their dedication to serving others and giving the best they have to their customers has inspired me to work that much harder!


  1. Valerie Penso- Cuculich says:

    I love your mustard. It is so versatile! I use it on everything. I also love that it doesn’t have all that junk other sweet & spicy mustards have in them. Can’t wait for more flavors!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We love our female founders! Thanks, Valerie.

  2. Brose says:


  3. Annette says:

    This is the best mustard I’ve ever had!! I have sent gifts out with her different flavored mustard and everyone loves them…thank you Bristol Farms for finding this product!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Hello Annette, we love that you gave them as gifts!

  4. Cathy Rogers says:

    So happy for you Alyson! It is true believing in your product is number 1. Keep being the wonderful person you are and enjoying producing what comes from your heart!

    Warmest regards,
    Cathy Rogers

  5. Jason Ung says:

    I never was a fan towards mustard. If anything, Dijon mustard only. And then I decided to stop by Lazy Acres and took this Sweet & Spicy mustard. Pretty good. Then added on crackers with Gruyère cheese and bam. Delicious!

    Alyson, keep this up. Tears do she’d but it’ll always lead you to the right path. And you definitely are there now.

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