Summer Sides | Potato Salad

Side of classic potato salad from Bristol Farms' deli

Here in SoCal, we’re all about the grill. We love throwing corn on the cob, bell peppers, mushrooms (well, just about anything!) onto the BBQ. As the grill heats up, so does the debate over the perfect potato salad. People can fall into two camps: Creamy or Tangy.

Creamy: mayo-based potato salads let the accompanying veggies shine through. Some of our favorite additions are pickles, dill, celery, and carrots. For pork aficionados, this is the perfect time to bring on the bacon! Depending on the protein we’re serving, we might add a little curry or turmeric for an aromatic finish.

Tangy: we love adding a vinaigrette (especially made with Dijon mustard), citrus, capers, and even yogurt to bring a mouth-watering brightness to this classic side.

Vinaigrette victory is in the emulsion (mixing) of the dressing. To get the perfect consistency, start by slowly streaming the oil into your mustard, stirring vigorously until combined. Add a bit at a time until the oil is entirely incorporated, then add other liquids like vinegar or lemon juice. Finish it off by integrating herbs and seasonings to taste.

No matter your team, the humble potato is the perfect canvas for you to let your creativity shine! Let us know some of your tips in the comments below. In the meantime, we’ve gathered a few potato salad recipes to help you get your summer side celebration started:

01 Buffalo Potato Salad from The Candid Appetite

Buffalo Potato Salad

Photo from The Candid Appetite

Classic Potato Salad

Photo from Love & Lemons

02 Classic Potato Salad from Love & Lemons

03 Pesto Potato Salad from eatwell101

Pesto Potato Salad

Photo from eatwell101

Southern French Potato Salad

Photo from Garlic & Zest

04 Southern French Potato Salad from Garlic & Zest

05 Summertime Smoked Potato Salad from Kevin is Cooking

Summertime Smoked Potato Salad

Photo from Kevin is Cooking

Don’t feel like making your own? Our deli has you covered with grab-and-go potato salad, made fresh on the daily.