Meet the Founders: Valerie + Adam Cuculich of Uncle Frank’s Salsa

When you meet Valerie, her energy is infectious. She and her husband Adam are equally passionate about the salsas they make. Fresh and addictive, they put a spin on their family tradition with elevated flavors and ingredients.

Valerie and Adam Cuculich, founders of Uncle Frank's Salsa inside a Bristol Farms presenting their salsa's for people to sample.

01 Why did you start Uncle Frank’s Salsa?

We’ve always known that food brings people together. Families and friends gather and build relationships best over meals and snacks. Often, many of these memories are tied to the foods you eat together. We wanted to bring and share the Cuculich family dishes and bites, so everyone can bond over our recipes as well.

One of our favorite recipes from the Cuculich Family table is Uncle Frank’s Salsa. Uncle Frank was a loving family man that put as much passion into his recipes as he did for caring for those around him. We wanted to bring his salsa to everyone first, because his salsa has always been the first bite offered at any of our family’s gatherings.

02 What obstacles did you face along the way?

We have found that obstacles are just bound to happen and are a part of this whole process. For us, finding the right manufacturer that would put as much love, care, and quality into our products as we do was, our biggest hurdle.

An assortment of Uncle Franks Salsa from right to left: Original salsa, Habanero salsa, Mango salsa, Key Lime Salsa.

03 What lessons do you have for other entrepreneurs?

There are going to be roadblocks and things are not going to go smoothly but – keep going! When you reach your goals, everything you went through to get there will be part of your story. Also, never compare your start to someone else’s ending.

04 What’s on the horizon for Uncle Frank’s Salsa?

We have many exciting new foods coming from our cherished family recipes. We also have exciting new and seasonal flavors of Uncle Frank’s Salsa in the works.

Valerie Cuculich of Uncle Frank's Salsa standing in the prepared food section of Bristol Farms giving away free samples of their salsa to Bristol Farms customers.

05 How do you keep work/life balance? What drives/inspires you?

This is something we have to constantly work on. As a couple in business together, one rule we have implemented is not to discuss work after 7pm. You need to have that separation and work and personal life. This gives us space to still have our personal and romantic life together. Fortunately, this also gives us a clear mind and eyes for work the next day, too.

What drives and inspires us, is sharing our recipes and seeing the happiness on people’s faces when they taste our foods. We’re now seeing people light up when they see us in Bristol Farms and recognize the Uncle Frank’s logo. They come running over to tell us how much they love it, just as did their friends when they opened their jar at home. That kind of joy motivates us to keep going and grow more and more.


  1. Kristie Herndon says:

    Love Uncle Frank’s Salsa!!!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We love Uncle Frank’s Salsa too! Did we just become best friends?

  2. Sara says:

    I am obsessed with this salsa! You would never know this was not freshly made and in a jar — tastes SO FRESH!

  3. John Murray says:

    The Key Lime and the “original” are my FAVORITE!!! I am a chips and salsa junky when we go out to eat, but this Salsa is amazing!

  4. Ashley Fischbach says:

    Uncle Frank’s salsa is the best! It’s so hard to choose a favorite flavor as I love them all. Such a favorite at parties and game nights, or in my case a before dinner snack.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We agree, Uncle Frank’s is the best! Thanks for the read, Ashley.

  5. Susan Grim says:

    This salsa is the BEST. I have tried all flavors and can’t pick a favorite so I will just continue to buy them all!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Thanks for the read, Susan. We agree, they’re all delicious!

  6. Michael says:

    Uncle Frank’s Salsa is the best! We can barely keep an open jar in the house more than a day or so. My friends eat it by the jar full on game night.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We agree, it is the best! Thanks for the read, Michael! Stay tuned for more content!

  7. Bob Cuculich says:

    Fantastic!! Uncle Frank’s Salsa is addicting. Can’t decide which is my favorite flavor. Habanero one week. Then Mango the next. Key Lime & Original are perfect on almost everything, any time. Love it!

  8. Debbie G says:

    I absolutely love Uncle Frank’s salsa! My two favorites are key lime and original. I use it both in my recipes and at the table. It is the freshest, most delicious condiment on almost any dish. I’m addicted! Great product and I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We love our founders too, Debbie! We agree, it’s great both on its own and paired with other dishes! Thanks for the read!

  9. Marcellas Reynolds says:

    Yeah we do! It’s the tastiest!

  10. Marcellas Reynolds says:

    As a Fan of the Brand, my dinner tonight may have been a jar of Uncle Frank’s Original!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Sounds like a great dinner to us, Marcellas! Thank you for the read!

  11. Jenina Peraza says:

    I’m delighted I don’t have to make salsa anymore. As a Mexican American, I have never found a shelf salsa that was worthy of purchasing. I have to say this is better than my grandmother’s recipe. Amazing flavors!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      That’s the highest praise, Jenina! So glad to hear.

  12. Tiffany Adams says:

    I absolutely love Uncle Frank’s Salsa.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Us too! Thanks for the read, Tiffany.

  13. Nicole says:

    So cool to get the details on you guys!! LOVE the Key Lime the most but I’ll leave them all, they’re soo much fresher and bright tasting than most jared salsa. I keep it in stock for company!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      The Key Lime is a favorite for sure! Thanks for the read, Nicole!

  14. Valerie Gruber says:

    Best salsa ever, I love all the flavors!!! My mom even cooks with the mango salsa.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We agree, Valerie!

  15. Michael C says:

    This is the ONLY store bought salsa I will but simply because it tastes just as fresh as if I made it myself at home! The original and e habanero are my favorites but they are all so delicious. You’re going to want to buy more than one jar because that stuff goes fast!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      We’re so glad you’re an Uncle Franks fan, just like us! Somebody pass the chips!

  16. Donald says:

    We love all the Uncle Frank’s Salsa flavors and the Key Lime and Mango are our favorites. After tasting this salsa, the other store brands seem bland and a waste of money. This tastes like fresh, homemade salsa. We’re hooked on Uncle Frank’s!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      It sounds like everyone agrees with you about the textures and bold flavors, Don. Stay tuned for more exciting stories from our Meet the Founder series.

  17. Jane Kwon says:

    Yum! What else can I say? I don’t make salsa anymore & I only eat Uncle Frank’s Salsa (mango)

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Yum! We love a good mango salsa. And Uncle Frank’s has knocked it out of the park.

  18. GCool says:

    This is the first salsa I’ve ever tried from a grocery store that honestly tastes homemade. I put it on everything. Love it.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      What’s better than a great salsa? Pass the chips!

  19. Will says:

    My favorite salsa. Incredible balance of flavor and texture. Literally put it on EVERYTHING.

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Thanks for reading, Will. Make sure to join our emailer at the bottom of the page to get the latest news on our Meet the Founder series.

  20. Jodi says:

    I really love this salsa – it’s so hard to find one that has a great texture and amazing flavor. You all offer so many flavors and so far, my favorite is Key Lime. Thank you for making an amazing, quality salsa. I can’t keep it stocked in the house! I buy at least 3 at a time lol! I also love that it’s locally made. Thank you!

    1. Bristol Farms says:

      Sounds like Key Lime and Mango are customer favorites! Stay tuned for more from our Meet the Founder series.

  21. Jason Ung says:

    I’m not a fan with salsa. But yours…it has that kickin taste.

    Keep it up. I’ll keep it coming for more.

  22. Rebecca Reczek says:

    This salsa is simply the BEST – each and every flavor! It’s great to cook with or to have as an appetizer – you can indulge with without feeling guilty. It’s fresh, full of flavor and yummy! Plus it’s locally made, which is just an extra plus to a great product.

  23. Shana W says:

    The best!! Full-blown addict!!
    One jar is never enough!!! I could almost drink it out of the jar

    Can’t wait to try the new seasonal flavors!

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