Fall squash recipes


Though we’re lucky enough to enjoy squash year-round in SoCal, there is something extra-special about cooking these fall foods during their harvest season. Plus, their high concentrations of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, and fiber make them powerhouses of nutrition and welcome additions to any autumn menu.

Commonly known as “winter squash,” these beauties actually peak between September and October. The nickname comes from their long shelf life of roughly one month, keeping them handy for the colder weather. Generally mild, with nutty, warm flavors, squash is a versatile ingredient ready to star in countless cuisines.

From pumpkins (yes, they’re a squash!) to delicious delicata, we’re gushing over all things gourd!

01 Spaghetti Squash Lasagna from Domestic Superhero

Tuscan Salmon

Photo from Garlic and Zest

04 Apple Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash from Garlic and Zest

05 Roasted Delicata Squash with Apples from Love and Lemons

Sriracha Salmon

Photo from Love and Lemons

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