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We all look forward to heading to a warm bed after a long day, but waking up refreshed isn’t a given for everyone. The circadian rhythm regulates sleep like an internal clock, indicating when you’re ready to sleep, but also when you’re ready to wake. With Daylight Savings Time ending on November 1st, we’re falling back one hour, which means early mornings are coming! We know just how important sleep is, so to help get you your Zs, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite holistic sleep aids.

A known muscle relaxant, magnesium is often used to get rid of sore or aching muscles. When used for sleep, magnesium is shown to relax muscles, which can have a calming effect. Insufficient levels of magnesium have also been linked to insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Pro tip: Use powdered magnesium to make a soothing sleep beverage just before bed.




First used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, valerian root is a popular herb for relaxation. Thought to increase GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain, it may improve the quality of sleep and aid in getting to sleep faster. For aches and pains, valerian muscle relaxants are a favored choice. Valerian is available in capsule, tincture, and tea forms.

Vitamin D
If you’ve read the lowdown on immunity, you’ve heard about vitamin D’s immune benefits, but this crucial vitamin is key for a good night’s rest. Studies have linked low levels of vitamin D to poorer sleep quality and shorter durations of rest. To ensure high quality sleep, eat high vitamin D foods like tuna, salmon, cheese, eggs, and fortified milks. Or, keep it simple with a vitamin D supplement from the Natural Living department.

Native to the Americas, this beautiful flowering vine is a favorite for soothing the mind. While magnesium and valerian root focus heavily on relaxing the physical body, passionflower is used to calm anxiety. Passionflower is popular with those who struggle with a racing mind before bed.




An aromatherapy favorite, lavender has been used to soothe, calm, and relax for centuries. Though available in tea and tincture form, the most popular method of use is essential oil diffusion. A few drops into a diffuser can set a calming, restful atmosphere. Don’t have a diffuser? Try this recipe for a DIY sleep spritz:

Lavender Sleep Spray
4 oz spray mister bottle, glass preferred
Vodka or witch hazel (1 oz)
Water (roughly 3 oz)
15 drops lavender essential oil
Optional: 3 drops Lemon, Bergamot, or Jasmine essential oil

1. In a mixing glass, add vodka and essential oils. Stir to combine thoroughly.
2. Add water and mix once again.
3. Using a funnel, transfer the mixture to the misting bottle.
4. Spray around the room or on your pillow before bed.

Need guidance on choosing which holistic remedy is right for you? Check out your local Natural Living department for more information!

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