Holiday Stuffing Recipes



Nothing says the holidays quite like stuffing. Whether you’re following your family’s secret recipe or experimenting with modern iterations, dressing is an absolute must.

Once you’re in the kitchen, you’re faced with the dilemma: “To Stuff or Not Stuff?” Stuffing is traditionally cooked inside the turkey; so to keep you safe, the USDA has outlined a few measures to keep your cooking stress (and bacteria) free!


If you’re looking to prepare your stuffing ahead of time, keep it frozen until it’s time to cook. Alternately, prepare the wet and dry ingredients separately, refrigerate, and combine before stuffing your bird or cooking on its own. If your stuffing contains meat, shellfish, or poultry (think sausage or oysters), make sure to cook your raw ingredients thoroughly before filling.


Your first thought might be to pack it in, but it is recommended to loosely spoon in your stuffing. A good rule of thumb is ¾ cup per pound of turkey. If you’re planning a spectacularly grilled, deep-fried, or microwaved turkey, cook the stuffing separately.


Arguably the most essential tool for Thanksgiving prep, a food thermometer is your best friend. Ensure that the stuffing has reached at least 165°F at the center. Let the turkey sit for at least twenty minutes before removing the stuffing and carving.


To store stuffing, remove from the cavity of the bird and refrigerate at temperatures below 40°F.

You can read the USDA’s complete guidelines for stuffing here.

Now that we’ve got all the basics out of the way, we’re here to inspire your table with six of our favorite stuffing recipes:

01 Classic Sage Stuffing from The Kitchn

Roasted Pumpkin

Photo from The Kitchn

Vegan Stuffing

Photo from Minimalist Baker

02 Simple Vegan Stuffing from Minimalist Baker

03 Cranberry Pecan Stuffing from Striped Spatula

Candied Yam

Photo from Striped Spatula

Sweet Potatoes

Photo from Once Upon a Chef

04 Easy Sausage and Herb Stuffing from Once Upon a Chef

05 Garlic Herb Stuffing from Five Heart Home

Herb Stuffing

Photo from Five Heart Home

Cornbread Stuffing

Photo from Dinner at the Zoo

06 Cornbread Stuffing from Dinner at the Zoo

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