Bristol Farms Deli Meats



Talk to our butchers and you know we’re serious about our meats. But did you know our Deli counter boasts one of the finest selections of cured meats around? Here’s a handy handbook for the next time you’re building a charcuterie board or creating an epic sandwich:

Prosciutto is perhaps the most popular of the cured meats, and we know why! Its delicately sweet, salty, and lightly smoky flavor pairs perfectly with a wide range of accompaniments.

Bresaola is sliced extremely thin and made with a simple recipe of beef, salt, and time. With a deep color and a deeper peppery, meaty flavor, Bresaola has risen to popularity once again as people try out protein driven diets.




Genoa is one of the most popular salamis, and pairs well with a mild provolone.

Sopressata is unlike traditional salami with a much coarser grind and is often mixed with red pepper flakes. Like salami, it is salted and then preserved through air-drying. Great on its own or served with a medium sliced Asiago.




Prosciutto Cotto means “cooked or baked ham” in Italian. It’s lighter in flavor and slowly cooked rather than dried or cured. Our Rosemary Cotto ham is great when layered on crackers with other flavors like fresh vegetables, herbs, or an artisan mustard.

Mortadella is an Italian favorite traditionally studded with pistachios. It is traditionally the star of muffuletta sandwiches, try it paired with a creamy mild cheese.




Jamon Iberico De Bellota is known as the jewel of Spain. Created from the ancient Spanish breed, these hogs are fed acorns, wild herbs, and mushrooms, and carefully watched during its three year curing time. The result is a sweet, rich, and complex ham that simply melts in the mouth.

Our team is ready to slice every deli meat to order, thick or thin, exactly as you like it. You’re bound to find something to your liking at Bristol Farms. We are proud to say we have one of the largest selections of deli meats available anywhere.

Looking to add these to your charcuterie board? Find our recommendations for building the perfect platter here!

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