Cosmic Crisp Apples

Crisp Apples

Good things come to those who wait. It was 22 years for Bruce Barritt and Kate Evans, who led the tree fruit breeding program at Washington State University. With one bite, we think you’ll be over the moon for this non-GMO beauty.

Cosmic Crisps are sweet, tart, juicy, and crunchy — bringing together the best parts of Honeycrisp and Enterprise apples. They stay fresh in your fridge longer, brown more slowly when you cut them, and maintain their out-of-this-world flavor. They’re aptly named for the starburst-like beauty marks that sparkle against their rich red skin.

Thanks to careful cultivation, these cosmic beauties have more acidity and natural sugar than your average apple. That extra sweetness makes them great for snacking and sensational for healthier baking. You’ll use less sugar with Cosmic Crisp apples in your batter, and you won’t miss it for a second.

Ready to try the hottest apples in the galaxy? Good news – Cosmic Crisp season runs through mid-February, so this is the perfect time to stock up. Plus, we’ve got a bushel full of recipes to guide you on your tasty trip.

01 Apple Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Love and Olive Oil

Coffee Cake

Photo from Love and Olive Oil

Vegetable Soup

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02 Apple Rose Tarts from Mixed & Measured

03 Cinnamon Sugar Apple Puff Pastry from How Sweet Eats

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Puff Pastry

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Mashed Potato Croquettes

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04 Brussels Sprouts and Apple Quiche from The Candid Appetite

05 Baked Apples from Dinner at the Zoo

Turkey Tetrazzini

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Mashed Potato Croquettes

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06 Easy Vegan Apple Crisp from Love and Lemons