Java Trading

Java Trading

Since 1968, Java Trading has traveled the world to bring you the ultimate seed-to-cup experience. Their dedication to coffee quality is unparalleled and matched only by their commitment to sustainability.

Working in close concert with family farms, Java Trading ensures complete transparency down to the point of origin. From South America, to Central America, to Eastern Africa, every package proudly displays its roots. While Java Trading’s partners may be thousands of miles apart, they’re all united by their eco-friendly practices and passion for exceptional coffee.

Erosion Control

Destructive wind and heavy rainfall leave coffee orchards susceptible to soil erosion. For farmers, that means the loss of fertile land. Meanwhile, the resulting river pollution is equally devastating for nearby wildlife. In response, Java Trading fortified farms with protective trees and advanced agroforestry technology to minimize runoff. With a blend of compassion and innovation, local growers and endangered creatures have been able to thrive.

Workplace Wellness

Meanwhile, Java Trading is equally invested in the health of their farmers. The company’s on-site clinics provide medical and dental care for growers, free of charge. They’ve also donated over $100,000 to nearby schools and education. For Java Trading, it’s a natural extension of their ethos — ethical business practices to match their farming philosophy.

Try Java Trading

Java Trading specializes in naturally sweet Arabica beans for a full spectrum of flavor in every cup. Roasted to perfection and meticulously milled, there’s no better way to start your day. Come find your new favorite variety and support sustainability with every sip.