Good Luck Foods

Toshikoshi Soba

What better way to ring in 2023 than with some traditional good luck foods? Join us as we take a tasty tour around the world. Next stop: a happy, healthy, and lucky new year!

Toshikoshi Soba
In Japan, New Year’s Day is a chance to reflect on the past year and bring in the new with a delicious bowl of noodles. “Toshikoshi” means to jump from one year to the next. Buckwheat noodles are believed to bring longevity and prosperity. Toshikoshi Soba is made with buckwheat soba noodles and served with a light broth or dipping sauce, plus toppings. Slurp your way into a happy and prosperous new year!

We’re grapeful for grapes! In many Spanish-speaking countries, it’s tradition to eat a dozen of them at the stroke of midnight (12 AM = 12 grapes). Legend has it that the grapes bring good luck, wealth, and ward off evil! Stick with seedless varieties for easy noshing.



Black-Eyed Peas, Leafy Greens, Cornbread
There’s a saying in the South, “Peas for pennies, greens for dollars, cornbread for gold.” Bring prosperity to 2023 with a hearty and healthy bowl of black-eyed peas. Add your favorite leafy green and a hunk of our BF cornbread and you’re set for the new year!



Historically, pork was reserved for the elite, but its accessibility now affords everyone a chance to be in “hog heaven.” German legend includes pork on New Year’s based on the idea that pigs root forward for their food, while chickens and turkeys scratch backwards. For many, it’s a symbol of progress, wealth, and forward motion.



These ruby red marvels are a favorite in cultures around the world. Filled with hundreds of delicious seeds, pomegranates are believed to bring fertility, life, and abundance. We’re all about making New Year’s Eve easy — check out our favorite pomegranate tips, tricks, and recipes here!

Many Italians eat lentils on New Year’s Eve for their resemblance to the Roman coin. They are believed to bring good fortune for the year to come and are traditionally served alongside another food from our lucky list, pork. Luck be a lentil New Year’s Eve night with some warm lentil soup to soothe your soul!


Circle Cake

Circle Cakes
Ring-shaped cakes are a symbol of good luck and life coming full circle, and it doesn’t get tastier than an almond pound cake. Hide a whole almond in the batter and the person who gets the almond will have a year of good luck! Don’t feel like cleaning up? Leave it to the pros and pick up a tasty bundt cake from our bakery!

How about giving new meaning to a potluck by asking everyone to bring one of these lucky dishes for your 2023 celebration?

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