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The Ultimate Easter Dinner Party

Easter is a springtacular time to celebrate with family and friends! If you’re expecting an Easter parade of guests marching through your home, you’ll want to have all your ducks (and bunnies) in a row before the holiday arrives. We’re here with helpful tips and recipes, so you don’t have to hop around hunting for food, décor, and supplies like so many colored eggs! You’ll find everything you need at Bristol Farms for a fun and festive Easter feast. GLORIOUS FLORALS Decorate your home for the holiday with fragrant fresh-cut flowers! We make it easy and affordable to create beautiful bouquets, so visit our stores for a garden of springtime delights, including tulips, daffodils, lilies, and more: https://www.bristolfarms.com/blog/2019/04/flower-power-beautify-your-life-with-spring-florals/ HAM IT UP For a sure-fire holiday hit, serve one of our naturally uncured spiral-sliced hams for a succulent main dish that’s as traditional as it is delicious… Read More

The Freshest, Funnest Way to Spring Clean Your Home

Spring has sprung, which means birds are chirping, buds are blooming, and bunnies are hopping around delivering baskets of colorful eggs and candy. But springtime also means contending with other kinds of bunnies — dust bunnies!! And they seem to multiply faster than, well, bunnies! With the winter months and rainy days behind us, it’s time to rejuvenate our homes and lives with a good spring cleaning. First, prepare yourself for the chores ahead with our line of durable, innovative cleaning tools from Full Circle, including dusters, brooms, mops, and more. They’re built to get these dirty jobs done! Okay, armed and ready to battle the dreaded dust bunnies and clear out the clutter? Let’s hop to it!   Step 1: Brave the Bathroom A hazmat suit is optional, depending on how long it’s been since you last tackled the loo, but it’s always a good idea to at least wear gloves to protect your hands (dry winter skin, ouch!). The great news is you don’t need… Read More

Spring Picnicking 101

What better way to celebrate springtime than with an old-fashioned picnic? The weather is gorgeous and not too toasty, and SoCal provides plenty of scenic spots for relaxing outings, including a local park, grassy field, the beach, or a secluded spot off hiking trails in the hills. One of the great things about a picnic is you can totally tailor the experience. Hang out with friends, family members, or your S.O. (aka sweetie!). Or if you need some quality Me Time, just commune with Mother Nature. No matter who you invite, you’ll want to stock up on supplies for your sun-soaked adventure. A comfy blanket is a must, as is sunscreen. You may want to pack eco-friendly bug repellent to keep those ants at bay. Because, like you, they’re craving the best part of the picnicking experience — the food! Choose a delicious spread to suit your adventure. Keep it casual with deli sandwiches or go full-on fancy with wine, charcuterie, and artisan cheese. Très gourmet! Whatever the… Read More

Spring Fling: 8 Ways to Get Some Spring in Your Step

Ok, we’ll admit it, Southern Californians are usually pretty spoiled when it comes to weather conditions. However, this past winter has brought with it some very cold temperatures, which definitely has us looking forward to Spring! With the soon-to-be new season, more time outside and fresh, bright produce will come with it. Did we mention the delightful spring florals, too? Here are 8 ways to start celebrating a renewed spring in your step! 1. Fresh Cut Flowers At Home Nothing says “spring has sprung” quite like fresh-cut flowers in your home. Gorgeous 10-stem Dutch daffodils are 2 for $5 now, but you can also look forward to many more blooming beauties in our stores such as tulips, lilacs, and garden roses in the early spring months. 2. The Prettiest Pesto Pesto sauces are a vibrant, green way to brighten up springtime cooking and recipes. A refreshing alternative to marinara and other heavy sauces, pesto is extremely versatile and easy to whip up. With just a… Read More

Easy Weeknight Roasted Veggies

The New year means getting back on track with a lot of things in life. Back on the grind at the 9-5, back to the gym, and back to healthier eating. But just because the holiday season is over doesn't mean that things are slowing down for all of us. A busy work and home life can still lead to deceptively healthy take-out, which will prevent us from fulfilling those healthier living new year's resolutions. We're here to help. May we suggest an all too easy and oh-so simple weeknight dinner? A hot and juicy hormone and antibiotic-free rotisserie chicken from our stores paired with easy and oh, so flavorful roasted vegetables. Because roasting vegetables like carrots, squash, and potatoes is what you do in the chilly Winter months. Ingredients: 2 lb Yukon Gold potatoes 2 lb. Rainbow carrots, peeled and cut on a bias 2 tablespoons olive or grapeseed oil 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, finely cut 1 tablespoon Rosemary, finely cut 1 tablespoon butter Salt and… Read More

Holiday Dinner Tablescape – How To

Your tablescape will be the first thing your family and friends notice when they sit down for dinner, and we’re here to help make it feel like less of a burden. From locally-grown succulents and florals to simple and extra soft linens to plateware with pizazz to candles to really set the mood, we are fully stocked in our floral and housewares department with everything you need to achieve that picture-perfect table you saw on Pinterest. Go Green with Festive Florals The foliage on your holiday dinner table should be fresh and natural, but not overbearing to the point where guests will be confused as to what’s a garnish and what’s decor. Start with succulents, greenery, and arrangements from Bristol Farms’ floral department. All of our sustainable greens are grown in the wild and sourced from farm to vase from Continental Floral Greens. Locally-grown poinsettias or a noble fir wreath are just some of what you can expect to find. Small twigs or branches can be tucked away… Read More

Party Planning 101: Building the Perfect Cheese + Charcuterie Board

When it comes to planning the perfect party appetizer that allows guests to nibble and mingle, there's one spread that generally ranks supreme. Everyone loves it - even if they've never heard the proper name for it. Charcuterie. We know it sounds rather fancy - especially if you're not a regular connoisseur of it. But, it's basically just a selection of cured meats with accompaniments of cheese, olives, crackers or crusty bread, and a sweet little something like preserves, chutney, or jam. Some charcuterie boards include almonds too while the more antipasti style will often include roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts alongside the salty meats and cheeses. So how does one build a great charcuterie board? Well, that's a loaded question - and can involve some trial and error, depending on your guest's taste preferences. But we're giving you a summarized "how-to" guide of sorts on the delicious party app. Because it's great for everything from fancy cocktail attire soirees to… Read More

A Summer Grilling How To: Build The Ultimate Burger

Mmmm, is there really anything as delicious as a hot and juicy cheeseburger stacked high with all the fixings? Especially during the summertime when enjoyed al fresco, a cheeseburger - whether it's made with beef, chicken, turkey, or veggies is just too irresistible to resist! And there's just no need to go out and spend $20 on this kind of deliciousness. Building a gourmet burger at home is actually quite easy... Because with our very own buttery brioche buns, bacon, and choice ground chuck and toppings like caramelized onions, sliced avocado, sharp cheddar cheese, and green leaf lettuce, you can easily make a masterpiece. Here's our How-to for the Ultimate Gourmet Burger It all starts with the meat... May we suggest a huge time-saver that comes in the form of our freshly stuffed burger patties? Choose from French Onion, Cracked Pepper, Black + Bleu, and Bacon Cheddar varieties. Right now, score these patties at $3 off a pound too! If you're using beef - go for… Read More

Here’s Your Summertime Grilling Guide

Although we've been experiencing some of that sweet SoCal  sunshine for a few weeks now, tomorrow is the official start of summertime. So if you haven't already, it is due time you light up the grill and load it up with all of your friends’ and family’s favorites! And whether you're feeding a bunch of burger lovin' buddies, steak connoisseurs, or a crowd of health nuts at your various summer gatherings, we've got you covered with the best of best when it comes to outdoor grilling. Here's our guide for all things grilled for your Summertime shindigs... Steak for a Crowd: Bristol Farms' Very Own Big Time Tri-tip If you're feeding a crowd, and you're set on grilling up some steak, think no further than our Big Time Tri-tip. Easy on your wallet, this juicy and tender USDA choice natural cut is marinated in our Big Time marinade for 24 hours, locking in perfectly smokey, peppery, and sweet flavors. This marinade is locally made and hand-crafted especially for our tri-tip too (but… Read More

Special Reserve Grass‑Fed Wagyu Ribeyes for Father’s Day Dinner

Grass-Fed Wagyu Ribeyes Dad is pretty darn special, isn't he? So this Father's Day, make sure you treat him to a dinner that is just as special as he is. And if your special Dad is one who loves a good steak, then look no further than our special reserve, beautifully marbled, grass-fed, bone-in, Wagyu Ribeye steaks, brought to us from New Zealand. These exquisite steaks come to us from the First Light Wagyu Group, who have pioneered a ranching revolution and in the process. The first to take cattle out of their pens and raise them naturally in a free-range environment, First Light discovered the benefits of higher quality product from stress-free and happy animals. Not only did the beef taste better but the nutritional value had increased with lowered saturated fats and the yields had improved with less finishing time than other full bred Wagyu finished on grains. First Light currently maintains the only full blood Wagyu program in New Zealand and are the only program in the… Read More

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