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Sweetheart Ribeyes for Valentine’s Day

posted on February 8th, 2019 by Leslie Thomas

We can't think of a more perfect Valentine's Day dinner. Our sweetheart cut USDA Choice Ribeyes are beautifully marbled and can be seared to perfection in a cast iron skillet on the stove and/or in the oven with just a pat of butter and some aromatic herbs, like thyme and rosemary. Paired with twice baked potatoes and sauteed spinach or asparagus and you've got a steakhouse inspired dinner without the chaotic crowds. A quiet dinner at home with just an hour of prep and cook time? We like the sounds of it. Throw in a bottle of your favorite red wine for good measure (and romance, of course), too. If you're needing a fool-proof seared ribeye recipe...look no further. We're pretty big fans of NY Times Boneless Ribeye recipe right here: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019175-rib-eye-steak-and-potatoes-for-two Read More

Butcher’s Bonanza in Palm Desert this Weekend: January 18‑21!

posted on January 14th, 2019 by Leslie Thomas

Attention Pasadena meat Lovers! You do not want to miss our Butcher's Bonanza event happening this Friday through Monday at our Palm Desert store. Get the best prices of the year on our Organic poultry and USDA Prime and Choice beef plus lamb racks, pork tenderloin, and more! Our butchers will be on hand to give you cooking tips, suggestions and will cut your selections any way you desire! There will also be free tastings throughout the store! Here are just some of the specials you can expect to see in our butchery: Whole Boneless Ribeyes: $10.99lb. Save $8lb. Whole Boneless New Yorks: $10.99lb. Save $8lb. Beef Loin Tenderloin $14.99. Save $15lb. Tri-Tip: $7.99lb. Save $6lb. Brisket: $6.99lb. Save $3lb. Lamb Rack $19.99lb. Save $10lb. Ground Turkey: $2.99lb. Save $3.00 lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $4.99 lb. Save $3 lb. Boneless Lamb Leg: $7.99lb. Save $5lb Read More

Elevate your Holiday Dinner with USDA Rated Prime Rib Roast

posted on December 12th, 2018 by Dani Fogel

You could try to snag a reservation at a fancy restaurant for some top quality prime rib this holiday season, or you could impress your guests with the best of the best from our meat department. A rare find outside of fine steakhouses, our Prime Rib Roast is actually USDA Prime-rated for the highest marbling content and the most exquisite eating experience. It's also humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free, and also comes dry-aged. The process is extremely meticulous, but it results in an incomparably tender and juicy bite of beef. Not all prime rib can be treated equally. That’s because not all prime rib is actually USDA prime rated. While most prime rib roasts you'll see in stores have USDA Select or Choice ratings, we are very proud to carry roasts with the coveted Prime rating, which falls within the top 2% of all USDA graded beef. All of our meat comes to us from revered ranchers who we’ve worked with for years, including Cedar River Farms. Their cattle is fed a 100%… Read More

Bristol Farms’ Rib Roasts for the Holiday

posted on November 23rd, 2018 by Rick Stidham

If you are looking for the best rib roast to enjoy this holiday season, then look no further than Bristol Farms! We offer a variety of rib roasts with a guarantee of quality you can count on. Our USDA Choice and Prime Natural Rib Roasts are always vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and humanely raised. These rib roasts are available for ordering online starting December 10th or by calling your nearest Bristol Farms Meat Department. Ordering is available through December 22, but we encourage you to order early to ensure availability. Be sure to check out our go-to recipe for Herb Crusted Prime Rib, which shines through a delicious mixture of fresh herbs and spices. To take your rib roast to the next level, be sure to check out our Dry Aged Rib Roasts (available for ordering in store). Dry Aged Rib Roasts What makes Bristol Farms' Dry Aged Rib Roasts so special? Unwrapped subprimals of USDA Prime or Choice beef rib sections are placed in a specially constructed, very cold… Read More

Bristol Farms Free‑Range and Organic Turkeys from Mary’s

posted on November 16th, 2018 by Dani Fogel

When it comes to putting on a spectacular Thanksgiving soirée, we can all admit that the turkey is the most stressful part of the meal. That’s where Mary’s free-range turkeys come to the rescue. Since 1954, Mary’s Turkeys has been a family-owned and operated business with three generations of farmers who know the ins and outs of what it takes to raise some seriously delicious birds. Even more than that, they also take pride in bringing the turkeys up in humane conditions. The entire stock at Mary’s Turkeys is free-range, fed a non-gmo vegetarian diet, and raised without any trace of antibiotics, preservatives or hormones. The birds are also locally-sourced and call California their home. To take it a step further, Mary’s Turkeys also offers certified organic birds. For an even more interesting way to talk about the history of the Thanksgiving holiday, you can also purchase a Mary’s Heritage turkey. These birds are based off the first breed that ever existed in… Read More

Take a Trip Through Taste: Italy Edition

posted on September 25th, 2018 by Roberto Lewis

If you’ve been following along with us as we share a few of our select favorite European cuisines, then chances are you’ve also been anticipating our tasting “arrival” in Italy. Any conversation about Italian culture would feel incomplete without an acknowledgment of its incredible food. The cured and roasted meats like Prosciutto Di Parma and Porchetta, the creamy cheeses like Bufala and Provolone, and the many pastas and wines of Italy are all legendary; and this month we are featuring stellar examples of each. You’ll truly have everything you need to put together a dazzling Italian dinner of your own. Here are just a few of the Italian imports we're excited to share with you. Meat, Cheese, and Pasta Imported from Italy... Parma Di Prosciutto Made in exactly one place on Earth -- the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy -- Parma di Prosciutto - dry cured, thin-sliced, aged Italian ham - is produced according to a recipe that is nearly two-thousand years old… Read More

Treat Yourself: It’s Our USDA Prime NY Steak Sale of the Year!

posted on August 22nd, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

We never run steak sales like this. But we want to treat you to something really special for Labor Day. These USDA Prime Natural, USDA Prime Dry-Aged, and Grass-fed Bone-In Wagyu New York steaks are pretty special alright. Superb cuts of beef that you simply can't find at most grocery stores, we like to toot our own horn when it comes to carrying the best of the best. We're talking quality that you normally only find in the most esteemed steakhouses. So go ahead and treat yourself - plan the ultimate steak dinner for this weekend. These amazing steaks will be waiting for you. USDA Prime Natural New York Steaks: $16.99 lb/ Save $11 lb Steakhouse quality, this incredibly juicy and tender cut of steak is far superior than any steak you've ever cooked at home. Not surprising since less than 2% of all beef produced in the United States is certified as USDA Prime. Limited supply with serious demand from knowledgeable steak eaters and connoisseurs, we're proud to carry this… Read More

A Summer Grilling How To: Build The Ultimate Burger

posted on July 2nd, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Mmmm, is there really anything as delicious as a hot and juicy cheeseburger stacked high with all the fixings? Especially during the summertime when enjoyed al fresco, a cheeseburger - whether it's made with beef, chicken, turkey, or veggies is just too irresistible to resist! And there's just no need to go out and spend $20 on this kind of deliciousness. Building a gourmet burger at home is actually quite easy... Because with our very own buttery brioche buns, bacon, and choice ground chuck and toppings like caramelized onions, sliced avocado, sharp cheddar cheese, and green leaf lettuce, you can easily make a masterpiece. Here's our How-to for the Ultimate Gourmet Burger It all starts with the meat... May we suggest a huge time-saver that comes in the form of our freshly stuffed burger patties? Choose from French Onion, Cracked Pepper, Black + Bleu, and Bacon Cheddar varieties. Right now, score these patties at $3 off a pound too! If you're using beef - go for… Read More

Here’s Your Summertime Grilling Guide

posted on June 18th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Although we've been experiencing some of that sweet SoCal  sunshine for a few weeks now, tomorrow is the official start of summertime. So if you haven't already, it is due time you light up the grill and load it up with all of your friends’ and family’s favorites! And whether you're feeding a bunch of burger lovin' buddies, steak connoisseurs, or a crowd of health nuts at your various summer gatherings, we've got you covered with the best of best when it comes to outdoor grilling. Here's our guide for all things grilled for your Summertime shindigs... Steak for a Crowd: Bristol Farms' Very Own Big Time Tri-tip If you're feeding a crowd, and you're set on grilling up some steak, think no further than our Big Time Tri-tip. Easy on your wallet, this juicy and tender USDA choice natural cut is marinated in our Big Time marinade for 24 hours, locking in perfectly smokey, peppery, and sweet flavors. This marinade is locally made and hand-crafted especially for our tri-tip too (but… Read More

A Father’s Day Feast Fit for a King: Grass‑fed Wagyu, Whiskey, + More!

posted on June 13th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

A Day for Dad The king that is your Dad or the king who is the father to your beautiful children or even the king who is the poppa to your pops. Whoever he is, he deserves the very best dinner on his special day. Because this Father's Day, Dad, Grandpa, and/or hubs should sit back, relax, and let everyone else pamper him with luxuries like a frosty pint of beer, his favorite whiskey served neat, and a dinner that he'll remember for years to come. And that's where we come in. Here's your guide to the ultimate Father's Day feast for the ultimate father. Whiskey/Whisky for Sippin' Did you know Scotch Whisky is spelled without the "e" unlike the sweeter American brown spirit that's Bourbon only if it's distilled in southern parts of Kentucky? (The more you know). Well, we have all of the above to wet Dad's whistle. Here's the great news - Knob Creek 9 year Bourbon is on sale for $24.99 and Laphroaig 10 year Single Malt Whisky is on sale for $44.99 right now! Dad will appreciate… Read More

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