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Take a Trip Though Taste: Spain Edition

posted on September 4th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

When world travel is desired and yet an impossible feat, there’s one solution: take a trip through taste. For the next month, we’ll be highlighting food and drink selections from a few countries where we believe cuisine ranks supreme. First on the list: Spain. From authentic Spanish Sangria to incredible cheese and charcuterie items like 1-year aged Mitica Manchego, Jamón Serrano, Ibercio Chorizo, and Orange Blossom Honey for a little something sweet, Spain is as delicious as it is beautiful. Authentic Spanish Sangria Perfectly sweet and oh-so easy to sip no matter what time of year, this refreshing Spanish wine cocktail is an easy entertaining staple. Make it in less than 15 minutes and store in the fridge until ready to serve. We must add, we tried numerous recipes before we nailed it. You can score that recipe here. Imported Spanish Charcuterie, Cheese, and Accompaniments Just imported from Spain and in stores now - seriously special handcrafted Spanish… Read More

From Spain: 1 Year Aged Mitica Manchego

posted on September 4th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Sweet Dreams are made of (Manchego) cheese. Did you know...the unique pattern on Manchego's rind honors a time when the cheese was wrapped in sheets of woven esparto grass? Pretty cool little tidbit for all you cheese lovers... Manchego is produced in the La Mancha region of Spain, which is also home to Don Quixote. It is made from unpasteurized sheep's milk and is one of the popular sheep's milk cheeses from Spain. Authentic Manchego is only made from the Manchego sheep's milk. Manchego cheese is made from both pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. The farmhouse version is produced from unpasteurized milk while the industrial version is produced from pasteurised milk. A buttery texture with a sweet, lingering flavor, manchego cheese is quite delicious on its own but we recommend pairing it with Mitica Orange Blossom Honey and some lightly salted crackers for a heavenly sweet and savory treat. Or if you really want to take it to the next level, consider adding it to a… Read More

Authentic Spanish Sangria {Recipe}

posted on September 4th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Ah, Fall. A time of apples, sweet potatoes, cinnamon brooms, and of course, that arguably overrated pumpkin flavored everything craze. It's also a time for football tailgating and watching parties, complete with buffalo wings, chips and guacamole, and drinks for all. One easy and always delicious drink enjoyed by the masses? Sangria. It has all the Fall "feels" with its red wine and Brandy base and assortment of apples and citrus fruit. It's perfect for gatherings big and small - from those football watching gatherings to intimate dinner parties, it's easy to make in large quantities and goes down quite nicely too. Here's our recipe for Traditional Spanish Sangria. Ingredients: 2 bottles chilled dry red wine 1 cup Brandy 1 cup freshly squeeze orange juice 2 Gala or Fuji apples, diced 2 oranges, sliced 3 limes, sliced 1 lemon, sliced 1/2 cup fine granulated sugar 2 cups cold club soda 2 cinnamon sticks Extra orange and lime slices for… Read More

From Spain: Chorizo Iberico de Bellota

posted on September 4th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

When chorizo this good enters our stores, we make a little fuss over it. Whereas chorizo is the quintessential cured meat present across the whole Spanish-speaking world, any of the 500 million natives will tell you "hay de chorizo a chorizo" or in English "there's chorizo and then there's CHORIZO!” Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota is handcrafted with the finest pork meat from free range Ibérico pigs that have been feeding on acorns and natural grass from the Dehesa forest in Andalusia. The Premium meat selected to elaborate this chorizo is marinated with paprika and other special herbs, and then stuffed into a natural casing to better preserve its flavor. For the artisanal curing process, each piece of chorizo will rest in our natural “secaderos” and “bodegas” in silence and harmony for more than 2 months. We patiently wait until they are at its optimum curing point. Grab a package of this amazing imported Spanish cured meat today and add it to your charcuterie… Read More

September 15th is Scottish Day at Bristol Farms, Woodland Hills

posted on September 4th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Join us on September 15th from 10am to 2pm as we celebrate all things Scottish! We'll have a bag piper playing all day plus tons of delicious food demonstrations and our team dressed in Scottish plaid kilts too. Enjoy tastes of MacKay's fruit chutneys, Loch Etive Steelhead (trout), Mull of Kintyre smoked cheese, and so much more. First 200 customers will win Scottish goody bags. Also, don't forget to enter to win a generous portion of Loch Etive Steelhead trout too. It's all happening at our Woodland Hills store on 9/15 from 10am-2pm.   Read More

Game Day Grub: The Ultimate Buffalo Rotisserie Chicken Dip

posted on September 1st, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

When it comes to hosting a game day party, the spread of snacks matters almost as much as the spread offense. Okay, that may be a stretch. Forgive us. But in all seriousness, the grub your guests delightfully munch on during those moments of calm is well, kind of important. Perhaps gorging on layers of loaded nachos or piles of crispy buffalo wings makes victory feel that much better. Then again, those same nachos and wings can be somewhat soothing when our team loses too. No matter how you look at it, the food you serve or bring to a game day gathering is gonna get eaten. So why not make it easy on yourself and whip up something super simple and totally foolproof? Like Buffalo chicken dip. We’ve all had it. And when it’s good, it’s really good. Our recipe is one of those really good ones too - the kind you think about for days and then try desperately to recreate. But we’re just going to take the guesswork out of the process for you and give you the best recipe for… Read More

Labor Day Party Checklist

posted on August 29th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

It’s hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end. These crazy high temps sure aren’t getting us prepared for Fall quite yet either. So this Labor Day weekend, keep cool with refreshing ice-cold local beers, Rosé wine, and fresh cut watermelon and treat yourself to the most delectable Labor Day essentials too like cheeseburgers stacked high, sausages with all the fixins’, and our mouth-watering Prime New York steaks too. But no matter how you celebrate, don’t forget the ice - you’re going to need it! Labor Day's Best Steaks for the Grill USDA Prime Natural New York Steaks: $16.99 lb/ Save $11 lb USDA Prime DRY-AGED New York Steaks: $19.99 lb./ Save $10 lb. We never run steak sales like this. But we want to treat you to something really special for Labor Day. These USDA Prime Natural, USDA Prime Dry-Aged, and Grass-fed Bone-In Wagyu New York steaks are pretty special alright. Superb cuts of beef that you simply can’t find at most grocery stores, we… Read More

Treat Yourself: It’s Our USDA Prime NY Steak Sale of the Year!

posted on August 22nd, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

We never run steak sales like this. But we want to treat you to something really special for Labor Day. These USDA Prime Natural, USDA Prime Dry-Aged, and Grass-fed Bone-In Wagyu New York steaks are pretty special alright. Superb cuts of beef that you simply can't find at most grocery stores, we like to toot our own horn when it comes to carrying the best of the best. We're talking quality that you normally only find in the most esteemed steakhouses. So go ahead and treat yourself - plan the ultimate steak dinner for this weekend. These amazing steaks will be waiting for you. USDA Prime Natural New York Steaks: $16.99 lb/ Save $11 lb Steakhouse quality, this incredibly juicy and tender cut of steak is far superior than any steak you've ever cooked at home. Not surprising since less than 2% of all beef produced in the United States is certified as USDA Prime. Limited supply with serious demand from knowledgeable steak eaters and connoisseurs, we're proud to carry this… Read More

Compartés comes to Bristol Farms West Hollywood

posted on August 16th, 2018 by Alyssa Malmquist

Compartés handmade L.A. chocolate since 1950 We’re so thrilled to announce that we are now carrying Compartés’ deliciously creative chocolate bars in our West Hollywood store. The unique and trend-setting chocolatier has been hand making decadent creations for nearly 70 years but is most recently known for their striking packaging and use of unexpected local ingredients like California avocados, fruit from L.A. farmers markets, and donuts from some of L.A.’s best donut shops. They’ve been featured on Oprah’s FavoriteThings 3 times and have also won countless awards for their packaging designs. If you haven’t tried this local chocolate yet, now is the time to see what all of the (much-deserved) hype is about! Official Tasting this Saturday, August 18th - 11am-2pm at our West Hollywood store If you haven’t tried this local chocolate yet, now is the time to see what all of the (much-deserved) hype is about! Read More

South Pasadena Seafood Roadshow

posted on August 16th, 2018 by Leslie Thomas

Seafood Roadshow If you're a lover of seafood then you simply must visit our exclusive 2-day Seafood Roadshow, happening this weekend, August 18th and 19th at our South Pasadena store. Whether you fancy salmon, shrimp, oysters, and/or lobster - we have the freshest, seasonal varieties at the BEST prices of the year!  From grilled Coho salmon to raw oysters on the half shell with lemon and hot sauce to a decadent shrimp pasta, the possibilities for a seafood feast this weekend are endless! We pull out all the stops for this event too - our skilled and passionate seafood mongers will assist you with all of your seafood needs like complimentary portion cutting, seasoning, and packaging. Have questions on preparation? They can help with that too. Here are our exclusive specials for this weekend's Seafood Roadshow at Our South Pasadena Store: Wild Fresh Swordfish                        $17.99/lb, save $9/lb Wild Fresh Alaskan Halibut… Read More

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