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How do you HATCH? Instagram Contest Starts August 8th!

It's on. We want to see how you hatch, all of you! So we've decided to hold a culinary (and photography) contest for our fellow hatch lovers, culinary experts, and newbies alike, as well as all of the (SoCal) Instagram nation. From August 8th until September 7th, we’re running a Hatch Chile Recipe Instagram contest. 2 winners will receive a $150 Bristol Farms gift card and a feature on our website. Contest Rules: (Create. Snap. Share.) Pick up some Hatch chiles from your… Read More

Camarena Tequila x Hatch Chile Margarita

Camarena Tequila x Hatch Chile We're going to spice things up, literally. We’ve been celebrating the Hatch chile for years and with its popularity, we don't expect that to end. Not only can the Hatch chile spice up your favorite dishes, but it's also going to spice up your favorite cocktails. After Hatch met Tequila, we knew there was a collaboration was coming. We bring you the Hatch Chile Margarita made with 100% blue weber agave Camarena tequila.Notes of toasted agave, fresh green… Read More

Hatch is Coming….

Hatch Chiles will be IN STORES this Wednesday, August 8th! Ask any hatch “chile head” in SoCal and they’ll agree - Bristol Farms knows Hatch Chile. Therefore, year after year, we’ve celebrated the New Mexican chile with its very own “holiday season.” That means family-friendly roasting events, all the way to tastings and our exclusive Hatch chile infused items. That's because we pull out all the stops for the special and seasonal chile. If you want to get in on the action, check… Read More

Hatch Chile Guacamole Burger Recipe for National Burger Day!

Bristol Farm's exclusive Hatch "holiday season" begins this week and frankly, we're all sorts of giddy about it. Spicy and smokey, everything with Hatch just seems to taste a little more exciting and a lot more delicious. Whether it's roasted and diced in cheesy and decadent mac-n-cheese or a filleted and added to a classic grilled cheese sandwich, we  love it all. The Hatch possibilities are endless... One of our favorite ways to eat Hatch chile though is mixed in our already tasty… Read More

Hatch Chile Guacamole Recipe

If you've been in our stores recently, you've probably noticed it's a bit "hatch-ified." You most likely saw some Hatch chile samples around the store too - namely, our Hatch Chile Guacamole. And if you were daring enough to dip a chip in that spicy guac, we're going to assume that you fell in love. If you brought a container home with you, we're sure it didn't last very long. The stuff is hard to resist. And that's why we're giving you your very own Hatch Chile Guacamole recipe so that you… Read More

The Many Uses of Our Delicious Hatch Chile Cream Cheese

Is your plain bagel and cream cheese breakfast on-the-go lacking a little something extra? Then feast your eyes on our Hatch Chile cream cheese. Made with authentic Hatch Valley chile that we’ve roasted, peeled, seeded, and finely chopped, this perfectly spicy cream cheese is just what your toasted bagel needed. But this cream cheese is way more versatile than that! -Use it to stuff jalapenos and bake for a double-header of spice that just may be the best jalapeno popper you’ve ever… Read More

Our Hatch Farmer’s Story and Chile Relleno Recipe

We think it’s important to build strong relationships with our talented farmers. Gillis Farms is a prime example of how we’ve done just that. Duane Gillis is a 4th generation farmer whose passion lies in the Hatch chile. Duane began learning how to farm chile at a very young age with the help of his parents, who were known for producing Hatch chile as well as onions, squash, and other vegetables. in 1984, Duane started farming on his own while still contributing to the original family… Read More

Life of a Hatch Chile – Stages & Uses

It all starts in the rich soil of the valley of Hatch, New Mexico, where the life of a Hatch Chile is born. After harvest in late July and August each year, the Hatch chile takes on a new life cycle, transitioning through stages in which spicy food enthusiasts can incorporate this wondrous pepper into every dish enjoyed throughout the year. From freshly harvested to roasted and pureed, below are the many stages the Hatch chile can go through, along with some tips on adding to some of your… Read More

Hatch Chile Tips & Tricks

So what is all the fuss with Hatch chiles about? The New Mexican green chiles are famous for good reason. For one, the season is very short - lasting only 1-2 months, depending on the weather. They also come straight from Hatch Valley, which boasts a unique climate that supports the thriving chile every season. Thanks to the steaming hot days and beautifully cool nights, Hatch chiles are meatier and much more flavorful than any other green chile variety. In case you haven't already noticed… Read More

Show Us How You Hatch: Hatch Chile Instagram Contest Starts Now!

Hey, Hatch chile lovers, recipe extraordinaires, and Instagram lovers alike, this is your time to SHINE! From now until September 6th, we're running a Hatch Chile Recipe Instagram contest. 2 winners will receive a $250 Bristol Farms gift card and a Hatch chile cookbook. Contest Rules: Pick up 1, 2, 3, or 10 Hatch chiles from Bristol Farms. Create something beautiful and delicious! Snap a photo (or three) and post to Instagram. Tag us in the post (@BristolFarms) and use the… Read More

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