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Your Best of Summer Local Fruit Guide

Summer officially begins on June 21st but summer fruit season is already here. These oh-so succulent and healthy snacks and "desserts" are ripe and ready for eatin' too. Whether it's a fruit bowl dreamed up for your friend's summer BBQ, a reduced fruit sauce for your weekend ice cream fix, or a green salad topped off with your two favorites, these summer fruit varieties are going to get your mouth watering, guaranteed. Because Bristol Farms stops at nothing to get the very best organic… Read More

Your Ultimate Guide to a Memorable Memorial Day

Memorial Day may be considered the unofficial start of summer, but here at Bristol Farms, we’re officially stoked about the season of sunny fun and yummy food. We’re fired up about firing up the grill, wild about eating wild-caught salmon, tickled pink about sipping rosés, and so much more! We’re also super excited to help you plan the perfect Memorial Day celebration with the tastiest summertime fare. Let’s get this holiday happening! ULTIMATE CHEESEBURGERS Nothing says… Read More

Get to Know Your Herbs: A Spring Herb Guide

Whether you buy fresh herbs, grow your own, or raid your neighbor’s garden (kidding!), you can easily enhance all your recipes with the perfect seasonings — for fabulously fragrant and flavorful dishes. Not sure which herb goes with which food? Don’t stress about spices! Just use our quick and helpful guide below, and you’ll become an herb expert in no time. Dill-icious Dill This aromatic and bright-green herb has delicate, feathery leaves that you’ll want to handle gently… Read More

Cook Your Way Through Winter Citrus Season!

Winter citrus season is well underway and we’re hoping many of you have already fully enjoyed the beautiful bounty and devoured countless juicy and sweet oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, and more. While you may have enjoyed the fruits as a simple and healthy snack, have you experimented with any citrus focused recipes yet? We’re here to help inspire you with everything from bright and not-too-sweet spritz, to a refreshing grapefruit, arugula, and avocado salad to citrusy sweets. The… Read More

A Lesson in Winter Citrus Fruits

If you’re looking to add a little brightness to these cold winter months, you’re not alone. Although a variety of fruits peak in their sweetness and juiciness in the summertime, citrus shines in all its glory in January and February.  And a huge health bonus for you - citrus fruits are rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin C, which can act as an immunity booster to keep you from catching a pesky winter cold. From funny-looking Sumo Mandarins to tangy Texas Grapefruit to gourmet Meyer… Read More

Winter Citrus Margarita

When you think of margaritas you might be reminded of summer. But with all the winter citrus slowly making their way into stores, it's a perfect excuse to make a fresh hand squeezed margarita. Feel free to adapt the recipe below and make it your own. The beauty of winter citrus is that they are all unique in flavor and are great to mix and match! Winter Citrus Margarita Prep 5 min Bake 30 min Total 35 min [print-me target=".winter-citrus"… Read More

A Tropical Twist on Eggnog

Over the last millennium, spiced and spiked eggnog has taken its spot as a classic Christmas drink. Love it or hate it, the creamy cups of cheer usually make their way to holiday parties as a way to raise spirits. Traditionally, eggnog is made with egg yolks, rum, and warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. This year, we’re introducing a tropical twist that may just get naysayers to change their tune: mango. Before building the beverage, it’s important to find a ripe and juicy mango… Read More

Spice, Ice, and Everything Nice

Even in the middle of a winter chill, sometimes all it takes is a tropical cocktail to transport you to a nice hammock with a beautiful beach view. This spice and ice drink with succulent mango and plenty of heat might just do the trick. Not only are mangoes juicy and delicious, but they’re also high in vitamins, especially C, and contain no cholesterol or fat, giving you even more reasons to indulge in this fruity and spicy treat. Spice and Ice Prep 15… Read More

Local, Organic Apples for Fall

Who doesn't love an apple? As summer fades and the holiday season approaches, we're busy working with our partners and suppliers to bring you a ton of delicious fall-themed produce, and a variety of apples are now in season. Produce can be tricky.  We're committed to bringing you only the freshest and most flavorful produce, so when we find suppliers who share our values, we stick with them. As a case in point, meet the farmers of Cuyama Orchards. Howard and Jean Albano began planting apples… Read More

Grab the Grapes Produce Extravaganza

Grape this (see what we did there?) - Melissa's grapes, produced locally in California, offer an extensive varietal collection of grape flavors for you to snack on. It's hard to pick just one flavor, so you should probably just try them all. Find all of their flavors at your local Bristol Farms! Muscato Grapes Did somebody say Muscato? We sure did. No, not the wine (which is Moscato). But if you are into drinking Moscato, why not try and snack on these delicious seedless bunches of Black… Read More

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