Coronavirus FAQs

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Please email us. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty to Bristol Farms, it is our privilege to serve you.

Gloves & Masks
First and foremost, the safety of our teams and our customers is always our priority—but especially so in this unprecedented time. Effective April 10, 2020, the California Department of Public Health is requiring that every person wear a facial covering when entering our stores. This includes customers, vendors, and team members. Gloves are mandatory for all employees who are engaged in food preparation and serving customers; and are in abundant supply. Please know we continue to follow all federal, state, and local protocols to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Senior Shopping Hours
All Bristol Farms locations offer a special senior shopping hour from 6am–7am. It’s important to provide this opportunity to those who are at the greatest risk the time and the space to shop. In compliance with an LA City Ordinance signed on April 6th, all stores have expanded our senior shopping hour to also include physically or mentally disabled individuals (one assistance provider per disabled individual); as well as operators of licensed residential congregate living facilities who are shopping for residents (must show a copy of congregate living home’s state-issued operating license). Senior hour remains from 6am-7am daily and one caregiver can accompany a senior (aged 60+).

Why 6am? Because we need to ensure the health of our customers and our team members, we recently reduced our store hours in order to restock shelves, continue sanitization of our stores, and support our staff. Opening an hour early is the most effective way we can take care of our seniors and continue to serve the community as a whole. We appreciate your feedback and as with all new changes, will continue to evaluate as we move forward.

Social Distancing
We are managing the number of customers in the store to ensure social distancing can be maintained. If, during peak times, the store grows too crowded, we will respectfully ask you to wait outside, while maintaining proper space between each other.

In addition, we’ve posted social distancing signs throughout the store. We have placed tape on the ground at both our checkout lines and entrances, at 6’ intervals. We also have added security guards to help us monitor social distancing. Our stores will announce reminders to maintain social distancing over the intercom.

As with all actions during these fluid times, we are constantly monitoring the situation with our customers’ and team members’ safety always being our priority. We’re grateful to our community in terms of remaining calm and considerate of each other as we all learn new social behaviors.

Discouraging over shopping/hoarding
In response to the surge in purchasing, we have posted signage at our highly impacted shelves with a request for customers to only take what they need and to be considerate of their neighbors. Rest assured, we are receiving deliveries throughout the day, and our teams are diligently working to restock departments as quickly as possible.

Notification when products arrive
Unfortunately, with such increased demand, we cannot alert you as to when specific items will be back in stock. We are working closely with our distributors and are receiving deliveries throughout the day. Our teams are diligently working to restock shelves as quickly as possible.

Have questions you don’t see answered here? Please email us. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty to Bristol Farms, it is our privilege to serve you.