Your Gourmet Bakery

Some say you can judge a grocery store by its bakery, and we have to agree! That’s because, at your Bristol Farms gourmet bakery, you’ll find dozens of freshly baked artisan breads, sweet pastries and cakes, and delicious specialties, all made with care by our professional pastry chefs using the highest quality ingredients. Bristol Farms looks forward to being your preferred gourmet bakery whenever you need cupcakes for a party, a pie for a holiday gathering, or an authentic baguette for your weeknight dinner.

Daily In-House Bakery Offerings

Our professional bakers take pride in their work, and find delight in creating mouthwatering baked goods from scratch in our grocery stores daily. With skill and excellence, our bakers craft stunning cakes and cupcakes for your celebration, fresh breads for meal pairings and gourmet sandwiches, and a wide selection of exquisite pastries, including our in-house specialties like handmade scones, sour cream coffee cake, and of course, The Cookie. Every day in your local Bristol Farms organic grocery store, you’ll find friendly faces mixing and baking up delicious creations to complete any occasion or ordinary day.

Visit Your Organic Grocery Store Today!

At Bristol Farms, we’re proud to offer the finest foods and best grocery selection around. Whether you’re looking for fresh bread to pair with a pasta or soup, cookies for the office, or a special occasion cake, we have everything you need at our gourmet bakery in your nearest Bristol Farms. Find a Southern California location near you and stop by to visit us today!

Artisan Bread

Classic European-style baking meets extraordinary quality with our unique artisan baked breads featuring high quality ingredients. Created with old-world tradition and true attention to quality ingredients, our breads are baked daily in a wide assortment of varieties, each featuring subtle variations of taste and texture found in old-style breads. Intensely flavorful and satisfying, our breads can be served alongside a soup or salad, topped with a wedge of good cheese, and served alongside one of our amazing wines from our Wine Department.

Cakes & Cupcakes

At Bristol Farms, we are dedicated to creating the most memorable cake for your special occasion. From children’s theme parties to the most elegant of affairs, Bristol Farms offers creative, fresh, and delicious cakes & specialty cupcakes. Using only the most premium quality ingredients, you can choose anything from fresh flowers or fruit to gold leaf or gummy worms. There is no limit to your imagination or our talent. Don’t forget our award winning gourmet cupcakes. These delectable delights will leave you speechless.

One of a Kind

At Bristol Farms, we take great pride in our signature, one of a kind offerings. With years of experience, our accomplished bakers put to work time-honored baking techniques that produce some the most amazing treats. Best of all, you can only find them in the Bristol Farms Bakery.

Some of our signature favorites…

Texas Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Breads, Carrot & Pumpkin Cake, Gourmet Brownies, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Hand-made Scones

Cookies, Pies & Pastries

Our cookies, all natural pies, and pastries are baked to perfection daily. We pay special attention to the baking process from start to finish.