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Southern California is a naturally beautiful place, filled with sights that your eyes can’t help but linger on and savor. It only makes sense that you’d want to take a bit of the outdoors inside! At Bristol Farms you’ll find an arrangement for every need and event.. With locally grown, fresh flowers from our local flower shop, we’re positive you’ll be satisfied. Let us create your ideal arrangement, while you sit back and focus on other tasks like relaxing and enjoying Southern California’s beauty.

custom floral arrangements

Everyone loves something that’s made just for them. It offers an emotional feeling of being special and becomes an imprinted memory that’ll last forever. Our expert florists will work to create any floral arrangement you can imagine. They’ll prepare it with careful precision to ensure your ideas come to life and fit your every occasion or need. From elaborate event arrangements to casual contemporary pieces for your home, small to large, they’ll keep your plan a priority and present you with something perfect for your every request.

the freshest flowers come from our very own backyard!

Local businesses are important for any community to thrive. By supporting them you not only help your community, but you know who you’re buying from, and with flowers this is especially important in providing you the freshest and longest lasting flowers available. Bristol Farms brings you quality flowers that are picked up from local growers across the California coastline whenever possible. While the value of each flower is priceless, so is the customer ordering. At Bristol Farms you’re able to meet your local florists face to face and see first hand their skill. They can tell you the stories behind the flowers you’re ordering and even the local growers they came from. You’ll know who you’re supporting in your community at all times, which gives you an honest look at just how fresh our flowers are.


Every bride needs the perfect arrangement to match her perfect day. Wedding flowers are supposed to represent the bride and showcase just how lovely she is. At the farm we offer personalized consultations for your special day. With a promise to make sure your flowers compliment you on the day you’ll remember forever, please reach out to our wedding consultant, Kristin Lares at (310)892-6035.


As we go through life there are always tragic moments. We grieve over the loss of loved ones and find ways to keep them with us forever. During your time of need, Bristol Farms can create, organize and deliver all arrangements for you. Contact us for your desired arrangements.

care and handling

With every arrangement ordered, you want to feel like it’s been taken care of. We like to treat each order as if it’s the only order we have time to focus on, from the time we start creating it until it’s delivered to directly to you. Once those flowers are in your hands, our experts have a bit of advice on how to keep your flowers alive and care for them.

  • When rearranging flowers or adding new ones, use a clean vase and add preservatives to prolong the life span.
  • Cut and remove any dead or dying foliage as well as any that’s spent time under water.
  • Change water frequently and keep them in a cool place to prevent too much exposure to the sun.

While every flower is different, the basic skill set to take care of them is simple.


Orchids are well-known for their classic look and their long lifespans when cared for. They’re often diverse in color and very fragrant. The Orchid family carries many hybrids due to their ability to adapt to most growing conditions. In their natural habitat they tend to attach themselves to the bark of trees or other plants, absorbing the moisture and nutrients. You’ll find a surplus of orchids at our local flower shop, waiting to compliment your lifestyle with elegance.
At Bristol Farms, we’re you’re local flower shop and family friend. Our aim is to provide you with locally grown, fresh flowers, and get you closer with nature.

go green!

We all know that plants bring color and a natural feel to our indoor environment, but plants possess many other proven benefits which help improve the quality of life!

Plants improve indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants from the air. They improve comfort levels by stabilizing humidity levels. Plants have been proven to increase worker productivity and attendance, as well and add to workplace satisfaction. Not to mention the positive effects plants have on the aesthetic value; creating a more beautiful work space.

Plant-filled rooms contain 50% to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria than rooms without plants. By cleaning workplace air, plants can significantly reduce sick-time loss. Studies from Oxford University indicate that plants have very positive effects on employee perceptions and dispositions. Plants have been shown to enhance worker productivity by 12%.