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Exotic ingredients for an exquisite dish. High-quality olive oils with incredible taste. And of course, your favorite staples—from milk to mayo, and pancake mix to paper towels. Whatever brings you here, one thing is for sure: you will find the very best selection of gourmet foods at your Bristol Farms gourmet grocery store. As the choices for natural foods and products continue to grow, so does our selection. Our commitment to sourcing only the highest quality goods can be seen in every department—from our organic produce to our butcher shop, and beyond. Bristol Farms is committed to being your one-stop grocery shop, whether you’re making a quick run for butter and flour, or checking off your weekly shopping list. We invite you to discover the magic of grocery shopping at Bristol Farms below.

old fashioned pop shop

Come on in and remember the past with a treat from our Old Fashioned Pop Shop, featuring all of your favorites like Crush, Bubble Up, and many more. We can’t wait to help you reminisce on simpler times with special sodas that take you right back to the good ‘ole days.

Everyone remembers going down to the corner drug store on a lazy summer afternoon to find your favorite candy treats along with an ice cold soda, usually in a glass bottle. Well, at Bristol Farms, we want to take you back to that special place and a more simple time. We feature an exciting selection of items in our Nostalgia Soda Section we call “Our Old Fashioned Pop Shop”.

Remember Crush? How about Bubble Up? Dad’s and Frostie? Sure you do. Come on in and remember the past with a treat from Our Old Fashioned Pop Shop.

bristol's own products

Bristol Farms proudly works with local and artisan manufacturers to bring you an extensive line of top-quality grocery products at a great value. Look for our store brand products under the Bristol’s Own label.

We are proud to offer an extensive line of the highest quality products under the Bristol Farms label. We work with local and artisan manufacturers to develop recipes to produce exquisite products at a good value price. From our new line of organic preserves to our signature peach salsa to our double stuffed gourmet olives, we have what you’re looking for at your local Bristol Farms store.

olive oil

Looking for the best, most extensive selection of quality olive oils around? You’ll find it here at your gourmet grocery store. From the most basic, to some of the best in the world, pick up a bottle today for all of your olive oil needs.

Olives and olive oil are as old as human history. Olives are found in Egyptian records as far back as the 17th century B.C. and are mentioned frequently in the Bible. The Greeks revered the olive as a gift from the gods believing that Athena herself created the tree that is “capable of giving flame for lighting up the night; of soothing wounds; of being a precious food, both rich in flavor and a source of energy.” The word “olive” comes from the Latin olivea and first appeared in English around 1200 A.D. The largest producers of olives are Italy and Spain. Olive trees were introduced to California in the mid-1700’s by the Spanish and now flourish as a decorative tree and in agricultural plantings. California now produces around 200,000 tons of commercial olives per year.

The Grades of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin
Extraction: First Cold Press
Acidity: Less Than 1%
Uses: Condiments, Dressings, Marinades

Extraction: First Cold Press
Acidity: 1-2%
Uses: Dressings, Marinades

Extraction: First Cold Press (Blend of Virgin & Extra Virgin Oils)
Acidity: 1-2%
Uses: Dressings, Marinades. Virgin oil with flaws is refined to produce a bland oil called “pure.” Varying amounts of virgin oil is blended to give an element of flavor to this otherwise bland product

Extraction: Refined, Blended
Acidity: 1-2%
Uses: Sauté, Dressings, Marinades

Extraction: Refined, Blended, Filtered
Acidity: 1-2%
Uses: Sauté

Extraction: Refined, Solvent Extracted
Acidity: 1-2%
Uses: Commercial

At Bristol Farms we sell an extensive selection of olive oils from the very basic to some of the very best in the world. The list below is a sample of our fine selection.

Olive Oil Selection

Academia Barilla
An assortment of regional oils from the classic growing regions in Italy.

Badia a Coltibuono
A Tuscan classic with a savory character prized by connoisseurs.

Vintage dated California blend; very limited production.

BR Cohn
Blended California Oil; available Certified Organic from the Sonoma Valley.

Camino al Cielo
Central California olives pressed in Los Olivos, our most locally produced oil.

Spanish Oil from Andalusia. A blend of olive varieties with great balance.

Frescobaldi Laudemio
Exquisite, estate grown Tuscan oil produced under strict consortium regulations.

Olio Santo
Napa Valley’s famous olive oil. California’s original world-class oil.

Powerful flavors from this unfiltered oil packed on a Sicilian family farm.

A rich, fruity Sicilian oil wonderful in salads.

Estate-grown oil from Catalonia. Balanced and rich; made with 100% arbequina olives.

Romanico Essencia
Catalan Arbequina olives produce a classic Spanish oil easily enjoyed in all recipes.

From Chile, an exquisite blend of varietal olives that rival Europe’s best offerings.

Taste of Crete
A rich and well balanced Greek oil. Fruity and flavorful; made with 100% Crete olives.

chocolates and confections

Got a sweet tooth? So do we. That’s why we make shopping for candies and chocolates a unique pleasure here at Bristol Farms. We’re proud to carry over 100 different caramels, chocolates, candies and fudge items, so you’re sure to find a sweet to please every palate.

Shopping for chocolates and sweets at Bristol Farms is a unique pleasure. We are passionate about good chocolates and candy! From chocolate truffles to candy and confections, we’ll definitely make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Want to treat yourself or a friend? Try anything from the basic Hershey’s chocolate bar or indulge yourself with a box of Godiva chocolates. From Jelly Belly jelly beans to RJ’s Natural licorice or Hammond’s Candies to Xan’s Truffles, we carry over 100 different chocolate bars, caramels and fudges. There is something to satisfy anyone’s sweet palette.